Hot sexy events July 7-13

Thanks Zanessa for this inspiration for your play time at Kinky Salon's Fairytale Masquerade (Sat/10)
Photo by Annie Liebovitz

Shalt thou wander to the wicked queen's lair? Shalt thou venture amongst the bacchanal of the satyrs? The options for this sexy venture into wonderland are vast and storied. Kinky Salon is hosting a midsummer night's dream of a sex party, where petticoats are welcome, even if they're gonna be a bitch to take off when you find the nymph(o) of your wet dreams. Boylesque and Ophelia Couer de Noir provide the additional visuals for the Fairytale Masquerade costume ball (Sat/10) -- like you're even gonna need it with all the corsetry and top hats flying around the room.


Bondage A Go-Go

Every Wednesday night for as long as time has existed (1993), Bondage A Go-Go has been supplying you what you need. And they're not about to tell you what that is. If your Hump Day requires ass shaking, hit the dance floor. A blackout is desired? Bar for you my friend. Upstairs, a Stefanos-hosted dungeon for all the libertines in the room. 

every Wed til 2 a.m.

Glass Kat Night club

520 4th St., SF 

Nipple Play

Swing your partner round and round – hopefully it's cold in the club so you've got something to hang onto. Leather bar Powerhouse's monthly shirts-off, hands-on touch and grab returns this week. And they're trying to get your clothes off, you young stud, you. Free coat check, $1 drafts, shot specials and no cover? Looks like your Wednesday night just got booked. 

Wed/7 8 p.m., free


1347 Folsom, SF

(415) 552-8689

Carol Queen's Birthday

For the day when your birthday party counts as a sex event, right? I don't think Dr. Carol Queen ever sleeps – half of the hot sexiness in the column comes straight out of her brainstem, and I happen to know on good authority that she looks pretty good in a leather corset and not much else. Oh, and she's a great sex educator who is celebrating her special day with readings and to-dos by writers like Stephen Elliott and Scott Upper

Sat/10 7:30-9:30 p.m., $10-20

The Makeout Room

3225 22nd St., SF

(415) 647-2888

Fairytale Masquerade

How about we play at kings and queens? With a cozy dancefloor, artsy performances by local lustfuls to set the mood, and many chambers (with cushy horizontal bowers) available for journeying into your own sexual fictions, we're pretty sure you'll find your happy ending somewhere at this Kinky Salon sex party. 

Sat/10 10 p.m., $25-30

Mission Control 

2519 Mission, SF 

Naked Girls Reading

Ever be sitting in therapy pondering how much better you'd be able to ditch your residual childhood anxiety and hangups if only your therapist was buck ass naked? Perhaps this furtive curiosity led to the latest incarnation of Naked Girls Reading, “Psychiatric Help.” Ask a naked lady 'bout all your psychic aches and pains? Don't mind if I do!

Sun/11 7-9 p.m., $15-20

Center for Sex and Culture

1519 Mission, SF

(415) 552-7399

Sex Talk

Hold on baby, I'm interested in what you're saying but my hand is otherwise engaged. Okay go on. Oh shit, I dropped the lube. Sometimes cybersex doesn't cut it. That's when you head to Eros for the SF Gay Men's Community Initiative-sponsored tounge wag – kind of an X rated version of their weekly Wilde talks for queer men they hold at the Sweet Inspiration bakery every Saturday. At Eros' version, you might find a more eager audience for the tale of parking the Chevy with Kevin last week. But you won't get any cake in the deal. Probably.

2nd Tues of the month (next: Tues/13) 6:30-8:30 p.m., $22 day pass


2051 Market, SF

(415) 864-EROS





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