Hot sexy events Aug 4-10

Would Indy approve of Jonathan Eros' use of al fresco flogging (Sun/8)?

The ocean breezes toss your hair haphazardly, whipping it from side to side for that perfect Saturday morning tousled look. Man that wind –  or is that actually from all the mid-air flogging? At thiis peer workshop, you better watch out for the safety of your earlobes. A feller named Jonathan Eros (who often goes by his Burning Man Ranger name of Grizzly) puts on public bimonthly get-togethers and sweet bear that he is he'll have loaner whips on hand for newbies. Grizzly also publishes a list of appropriate and accessible flogging devices on his website – truth be told, he's quite comprehensive. Check out his al fresco flaying if you're interested in jumping into the whip scene, or even if you've got a special flick of the wrist you'd care to share with some new friends.

Ask the Doctor: Anal Sex

Should the thought of the city's unofficial sexpert Carol Queen explaining the ins and outs of anal sex not be enough motivation for you to ease your way into this talk, heed this: they're giving away tickets to the new Giovanni Rebisi flick about the adult Internet website business, Middle Men.

Wed/4 6:30-7:30 p.m., free

Good Vibrations

603 Valencia, SF

(415) 522-5460

Steamworks DJ Night

My god – did you know $5 gets you a month's entry to the steamiest spot in the East Bay (where SF's prude “no closed doors” rules don't apply – be safe out there, folks!). Get your heart pumping tonight to DJ Tristan Jaxx's sweaty beats.

Sat/7 11 p.m., $5


2107 Fourth St., Berk.

(510) 845-8992

Bullwhips by the Bay

Like I said – outdoor whippery in the park. Protective earwear recommended.

Sun/8 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m., free

Golden Gate Park, southeast of Polo Field (see website for exact location)

“The Real L” Word Viewing Party

Bartenders Amy and Donny serve up cheap beer and strong drinks at the dyke dive's weekly party to watch Showtime's series about the hijinx of a bunch of lovely ladies in La-La Land.

Sun/8 10 p.m.-11 p.m.

Lexington Club

3464 19th St., SF

(415) 863-2052

Erotic Needlepoint Workshop

Oh my! Drop (stich) into Amy Leonard's class to make your sweetie the gosh darn most exciting dish towel they've ever laid eyes on. Perhaps you'll embroider a scene from those hot thirty minutes in the Sur La Table elevator? Who can say: the choice is yours.  

Sun/8 3 p.m., $10

Femina Potens

2199 Market, SF

(415) 864-1558

The Art of Feminine Dominance

Mistress Midori, who performs a mean Japanese bondage scene, elaborates on how to find your dom within – the science, politics, practices, and fashion of the game. Are you ready for the upper hand?

Tues/10 6-8 p.m., $25-30

Good Vibrations

1620 Polk, SF

(415) 345-0400