Erotic Exotic Ball putting its clothes back on

Exotic Erotic: Lucifer's ticket sales

It's a dark day for voyeurs of Dutch fetish models, mini Michael Jacksons, and lovers of spectacular: Exotic Erotic Ball and Expo 2010 has been canceled. The reason for the kibosh on this 31-year old SF tradition? Not as many people trying to get freaky this year. This from Exotic Erotic PR perv, Christopher Buttner:

The producers site a drop in ticket sales during the pivotal final days leading up to the event, plus unexpected cost overruns, [and] operational issues as the causes for cancellation. More details will be forthcoming shortly. 

The producers would like to extend their heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the contractors and entertainers who worked so hard to try and make this year’s Ball an extraordinary experience. In addition, they deeply regret causing any disappointment to those fans who have enjoyed attending the Ball as a source of entertainment and celebration of personal freedom for the past 30 years.

So maybe Ticketmaster wasn't responsible for past years of the event's disappointing ticket sales after all... But hey! Don't let your whips and tassels droop, this is still the smut capital of America -- we've got plenty more sexy events to get you through this wicked, wicked week. Wait -- does this mean would-be EEB performer Ancilia Tilia needs a date this weekend? Get on that.


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