Hooking starts at home

"I can see your dirty pillows. Everyone will."

Well goddammit if it's not raining again. San Francisco is not a town that is built for this: we don't have fenders on our bikes, our bomber jackets are all made of suede, and our skin melts in even the slightest drizzle. So why not use this shut-in time to create smutty presents for your seductee-to-be this holiday season? Is this pillow turning you on?

“I've been a hooker since I was 11 years old. Back then it was all about smiley faces and rainbows, but I've matured and so have my designs,” states Brooklyn-via-Castro photographer-hooker Kevin L. Muth by way of introduction to his Dirty Pillowz DIY kits ($35). His kits supply all that you need to create retro-looking, shaggy pillows that look like the lead up to a killer money shot. Designs include four stills of man-on-man loving – including one lovely homage to the tube sock -- and two booby pillow pleasers (every woman has them).

Muth and his boyfriend spent many an hour trolling through 70s classic porn “purely for the sake of this project!” to find the best images for aspiring Martha Stewarts to turn into unique bordello décor items. Que artiste! Apparently it is quite the challenge to get the pixel-stitches ratio right, so it is quite astounding that Muth was able to accomplish it in the off hours of his day job cookin' the books at "a fancy Pilates studio and being nice to super rich Upper West side ladies."

The beauty of his pillowz is that like the Monets hanging in the Louvre, one must step back a few to fully grok their motif. Up close, they just look like a bunch of yarn. Which is good for when Mother comes over, come to think of it – a situation for which Muth also recommends flipping them over to their less explicit side. 

Pillow kits come equipped with precut yarn, canvas, latch hook, and easy instructions for hooking (though sadly these don't include high heel repair pointers or even what to do now that Craig's List has gone prude.) Last Xmas ordering day for SF-ites is Thurs/16. Collect all six designs and your couch can play orgy. Go get 'em go!