Hot sexy events: December 29-January 4

Blast off into 2011 with Mission Control's NYE 10th anniversary sexy-arty bash (Fri/31)

“Scott and I wanted to create an adult playground that wasn't just some hedonistic, narcissistic freefall into the apocalypse.” Co-founder Polly Superstar is ready to celebrate a decade of Mission Control's swingin' good times at the play space (which she founded with hubby Baron Scott Levkoff)'s NYE party-ten year anniversary soiree Fri/31. 

But first, a look back. “We wanted a place where people could feel safe exploring their sexuality without the rigidity of the BDSM scene, and without the expectation and pressure of the swinger scene.” And so MC's been throughout the aughts: a land where art, sex, and hell yeah, theme parties, have been coming together to the greater glory of SF's freaky, funky pansexual scene.

Superstar's pumped about her brand's expansion into Austin and her hometown of London – and between her, me, and you, there's more to come. Try club openings in New York, Copenhagen, and Krakow, a how-to book on throwing your own sex party – and at the SF location kinksters have grown to bone and love, a 2011 event that will focus on ritual and sexuality and be hosted by Francesca Gentile (who has led similar rituals at MC events in the past). So pop them bottles, SF – spend your midnight with the Mission Control freaks, or sample some of the other tasty sex events on the NYE buffet line. 



NYE at Mission Control 

This new year marks a decade of ooo's and ah's done pansexual style at Mission Control – so what better way to show your thanks for their sexy play space than by attending their NYE bash? Onstage lineup includes spoken word artists Baraka and We Are The Unreal, as well as burlesque (and boylesque) artists, DJs, and an appearance by the dreaded, orgasm-stealing Coq Blok! Party in the front, sexy time in the back (rooms).  

Fri/31 10 p.m.-3 a.m., $35-40 members only

Mission Control 

2519 Mission, SF

Lusty New Year

Watch them balls drop! Your favorite unionized strip club is open for business as 2011 comes a'knockin'. And, unlike the rest of the NYE heap, they're not charging a cover! Amazing, isn't it – ladies who are respected on the job ready and waiting to show you their naughty bits, dance on your lap – they're even down for a bit of foot worship. Wanna break (or make) some early resolutions?

Fri/31 11 p.m.- 3 a.m., free

Lusty Lady

1033 Kearny, SF

(415) 391-3991

Steamworks New Year's Toast

Bring NYE in with a bang! (How many puns can I wring out of this holiday? Let's find out!) Yes indeed, Steamworks encourages you to put on your new year's best, then strip it all off and shoot your (champagne!) spume across the room in celebration. The bath house is calling in the help of DJ Frank Wild, plus they're showing the Times Square festivities on their mega 60-incher in the lounge. Wait, there's a TV in the Steamworks lounge? Now you know.

Fri/31 10 p.m.- 1 a.m., 


2107 Fourth St., Berk.

(510) 845-8992



Most of the strip clubs in town are investing in oversized martini glasses to stick their girls in, but Centerfolds has a slightly different take on NYE: why don't get the patrons to dress up in ridiculous costumes this time? To that end, their Sopranos-themed evening, Fuggedaboutit. Discounts for wise guy costumes at the door, hourly giveways of TLC from the ladies onstage, and of course, free Italian all-you-can-eat courtesy of Pizelle Pizza.

Fri/31, $10 with mobster costume


391 Broadway, SF

(415) 834-0662

Power Exchange New Year's Eve Ball

A little flogging play with your bubbly, ma'am? 'Tis the season to hook up with randoms – and lucky you, you've got the Power Exchange so that you don't have to spend a moment with the teases and prudes at most of the city's bars and clubs. Dust off your leather best, polish up your seduction game, and head to one of SF's best known BDSM spaces.

Fri/31 8 p.m.-2 a.m., $20 single women and trans, $40 couples, $60 men

Power Exchange 

74 Otis, SF

(800) 916-2513


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