Hot sexy events: February 16-22

Julian Cash's People of Burning Man gets sexy and silly Thurs/17

'Tis the weekly sex events of playa-sized proportions! In addition to our city editor Steve Jones' reading at Kinky Salon this week, this week you can also catch a reception for a new art book on goofily half-attired or gleefully naked Burners published for the world to see, courtesy of playa photographer Julian Cash.

The People of Burning Man is the product of Cash's insistence on bringing an immaculate white portable studio to the playa year after year,  setting up actual photo shoots in a festival world where most documentation relies on the most candid of cameras. The result is that BRC's wacky personas and costumes are explicated and orchestrated better than they'd ever be if you just saw them strutting past you through Center Camp. Not surprisingly, a lot of the photos have to do with sex. But Cash's impish camera-side manner has a way of making even the most pierced, punked perv look playful (I should know, he took myphotos last fall) – and his signature white backdrop strips his subjects' context away so that you can really focus on what that pair of furry pink chaps, nipple paint, or lifted tutu wants to express.


The People of Burning Man opening art reception

With the publication of his playa photo book finally funded thanks to the omnipotent powers of Kickstarter, feel free to kick back and revel in the cheekiness of Julian Cash's art book images – and perhaps make plans for a photo shoot of your own with the man? 

Thurs/17 6-8 p.m., free

Good Vibrations 

1620 Polk, SF

(415) 345-0500


One of the hottest spoken word open mics around, tonight marks the start of February's impressive collaborations between Femina Potens – which is currently in-between brick-and-mortar gallery locations – and Mission Control. Featuring the likes of adult filmmaker-writer-educator Tristan Taormino, Valencia scribe Michelle Tea, and dominatrix Keva i Lee, you're bound (and gagged) to catch something you like onstage. 

Fri/18 8-11 p.m., $10

Mission Control

“Love you – mean it! Love in the context of S&M”

Complete with in-person scene demonstrations, this workshop will look at ways that femme tops can show love even while they inflict anxiety, struggle, and pain in their subs. Come with questions about how to apply the lessons to your own sex life and take note – no male-identifying lovahs at this one, just like at all other Exiles S&M education events.

Fri/18 7:30-10:30 p.m., $4-10

Women's Building

3543 18th St., SF

(415) 431-1180

Kinky Salon Sweetheart's Ball

Kinky Salon is counting on the fact that you're totally over Valentine's Day bullshit and yet totally ready to don your Candyland finest and ooze that sugary-sweet all over your swinger pals. For two nights in a row! Well, you don't have to go to the costume play party for both nights, but if you're going to take in all the performances – which include a duet with Polly Superstar and Bow Wow Wow's Leigh Gorman and a reading by our own city editor of his new dissection of Burning Man culture – and still have time to get your gumdrop off, you may need to. 

Fri/18-Sat/19 10 p.m.-late, $30-35 members only

Mission Control

School of Shimmy Burlesque 101

Oh man... how do those burlesque ladies do it? Dottie Lux can tell you, if you like. Lux'll be performing onstage at Burlesque Moulin at the Down Low on Sat/19, and she's just dropping back in Sunday afternoon to impart the basics of booty-shake to burlesque wannabees. Interested? Jump up there girl, show us your tap pants. 

Sun/20 1-3 p.m., $30 discounted tickets available night of Sat/19 show

The Shattuck Down Low

2284 Shattuck, Berk.

(201) 615-9245

One year in: BDSM newbie panel

There's plenty of places in town where you can go to hear the escapades of BDSM stalwarts, the individuals who've done it all. But what's it like to be discovering it all for the first time(s)? This panel discussion will feature people who've dove into the scene in the last 365 days, moderated by Gabby, who says she entered the scene in 2007 and promptly started disobeying all the advice of those in the know. 

Tues/22 8-10 p.m., $20

SF Citadel 

277 Mission, SF

(415) 626-2746


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