Hot sexy events: April 13-19

Eddie Dane will be well mourned by the Burly Q set on Thurs/14

Where better to talk dirty than on the techno-verse? Nowhere, that's where. Our fave SF sex blogger – c'mon, besides ourselves -- Fleur De Lis SF makes an appearance at this used-to-be (before it expanded it occasional East Bay nights) monthly storytelling event, as does Reid Mihalko, a sexpert who has made appearances on Tyra Banks' TV show, in addition to other seemingly unlikely places for a perv like him. Hot tip: Fleur De Lis just wrote about how Mihalko ahem, enjoyed meeting her the other day at Monika Thomas' Sex Geek Potluck – knowing these two, could a round two be far behind? 

Bawdy Storytelling: Taking Dirty and Technology

It's shocking how often people use the Internet these days for things that don't involve sex. Well, not these folks. This month's Bawdy has assembled a top shelf lineup of pervs, including Allison Moon, creator of Burning Man's home for queer women, Camp Beaverton, and as-of-recently author of a new lesbian werewolf novel. Everyone will be talking about how they've used technology to get super viral. Sexting during the event encouraged.  

Weds/13 8 p.m., $10

The Blue Macaw

2565 Mission, SF

“Advanced CBT: Ready for the Ride?”

EMS/TENS-type electrical stimulation, cock and ball bondage, how to torture and tease your partner – who is ready for a walk on the wild side? Surely, that would be the attendees of this workshop, led by Gabriele Hoff, who has interviewed over 1200 couples and individuals for her research into the topic. 

Weds/13 6-8 p.m., $20-25

Good Vibrations

1620 Polk, SF

(415) 345-0500 

Eddie Dane memorial

Good night, sweet clown. Eddie Dane was a lot of things to a lot of people in the burlesque community, but a bummer to mourn – never! Help the tassel-twirlers say goodbye to one of the country's great Burly Q troupe leaders at this free memorial burlesque revue, why don't you?

Thurs/14 8 p.m., free

DNA Lounge

375 11th St., SF

(415) 626-1409

International Ms. Leather 25th Anniversary weekend

So very much for leatherwomen going on this weekend! The International Ms. Leather celebration hits town on Thursday, and if speed tricking, uniform parties, and of course, the yearly competitions for Ms. Leather and Ms. Bootblack are up your alley, you'd be best served by getting down that of this weekend-long celebration of women in hides. 

Thurs/14-Sun/17, $25-155

Kinky Salon: Prohibition

You know what wasn't outlawed during Prohibition? That's right, ukuleles. So dance I say, to the organic pluckings of Five Cent Coffee, just one of the live music and performances acts that will be going on at Kinky Salon – while a building full of new friends have sex all around you. Kazoo orgy? 

Sat/16 10 p.m.-late, $25-35 members only

Mission Control

“Let's Talk About Sex”

Lee Harrington thinks you – yes you! – deserve to live the sex life of your dreams. To that end, he's holding this frank discussion about what turns us all on when no one is looking. It's all about airing your dirty laundry, and feeling good about it. Are you in?

Tues/19 7:30 p.m., $15-25 sliding scale

Center for Sex and Culture

1349 Mission, SF

(415) 552-7399


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