Leathered looks: Fashion takes at International Ms. Leather


The four-day celebration of leatherwomen has come to a shiny, exhausted, possibly bruised, and blushing close. The 2011 International Ms Leather title was awarded to New York's Sara Vibes Saturday night and she proudly accepted her glorious hide-sash with a naughty grin. Vibe and fellow contestants looked stunning in an array of leather accessories throughout the pageant, but intermission exposed an entire audience of notable leather-bound fashion from hat to boot.

Super-tight leather pants, bare-asses 'n' chaps, vests, and corsets are obvious go-tos for any leather event, but this crowd ventured into capes, hats, full dresses, flowing skirts, multiple belts, and bracelets. Leather dominated the fabric scene, replacing the usual cotton-poly blends and turning a t-shirt shape into an erotic instigator. I didn't see any leather stockings -- practicality is still valid, especially when the after party is taking place in a designated 'play room.' 

This slideshow is only a minor glimpse, mostly some notable lady leathers. Check out Leatherati's photos of the event and shots of the actual contest. 



Don't forget kd, from Maine who won International Ms Bootblack! IMsL was definitely awesome as it's always been. I had a ton of fun, and ca't wait 'til thte next one!

Posted by Sailor on Apr. 22, 2011 @ 2:43 pm

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