Leathered looks: Fashion takes at International Ms. Leather


The four-day celebration of leatherwomen has come to a shiny, exhausted, possibly bruised, and blushing close. The 2011 International Ms Leather title was awarded to New York's Sara Vibes Saturday night and she proudly accepted her glorious hide-sash with a naughty grin. Vibe and fellow contestants looked stunning in an array of leather accessories throughout the pageant, but intermission exposed an entire audience of notable leather-bound fashion from hat to boot.

Super-tight leather pants, bare-asses 'n' chaps, vests, and corsets are obvious go-tos for any leather event, but this crowd ventured into capes, hats, full dresses, flowing skirts, multiple belts, and bracelets. Leather dominated the fabric scene, replacing the usual cotton-poly blends and turning a t-shirt shape into an erotic instigator. I didn't see any leather stockings -- practicality is still valid, especially when the after party is taking place in a designated 'play room.' 

This slideshow is only a minor glimpse, mostly some notable lady leathers. Check out Leatherati's photos of the event and shots of the actual contest. 


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