Gush with knowledge about lady ejaculation


Like Nessie and multiple orgasms, female ejaculation has always had a mystic reputation. Can women really shoot it like the boys? Does it matter? Yes, yes, and oh yes. Start taking notes on when and how with Good Vibrations' newest instructional release, GUSH: The Official Guide to the G-spot and Female Ejaculation. The film premieres today-- Thurs/5 at The Roxie Theater-- meaning lady parts all over the city will begin their training to spray like fountains and squirt their sexual juices high above the sheets.

Dr. Carol Queen, staff sexologist at Good Vibes, a local purveyor of buzz-worthy toys, is the voice of God on Gush, answering a range of questions about finding the G-spot and making it rain. In-between the facts, curiosity is satisfied by action-packed demos. Pussies spurt from all kinds of real penetration, offering a diverse pallet of options for all viewers to try at home. 

Here are five key things I learned from Gush

1. Patience is key. Don't expect sparks to cum flying out of the trap unless you put in some good ol' fashioned foreplay. She's got to be revved up or she's not going to blow. And practice is always very important. The territory down below needs to be navigated and explored with precision and lots of directional guides. 

2. Female ejaculation is the product of two parts working together. The G-spot needs just as much love as the clit. The partner in action may have to work some overtime, but the payoff is hot and wet. 

3. This is not a stream of white sperm. The hues of female ejaculate vary due to body, but the examples on Gush looked a bit on the yellow side of the color wheel. Dr. Queen swears it is not urine. And maybe that wouldn't bother you anyway. 

4. Sometimes women mini-ejaculate without knowing. Maybe you just thought you were extra wet last night, but maybe that was a gurgling stream of cum. Don't be afraid to push next time. 

5. Shouting "squirt! squirt!" probably won't help your woman get there. Or at least I didn't see anyone in the film use this tactic. 

Watch the movie and try out some moves on a partner. If you're single, learn to multitask. Even if you don't succeed in making a squirt, remember you got laid trying. 


The premiere of Gush: The Official Guide to the G-Spot and Female Ejaculation

Thurs/5, 7:00 p.m., $10

The Roxie Theater

3117 16th Street, SF

Gush after party 

Thurs/5 8:30 p.m., free

Good Vibrations

603 Valencia, SF

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