Clean secrets revealed: the Lusty Ladies


Sex workers do all kinds of naughty (and very nice) things during work hours, but how these super-sexed individuals spend their down time seems like an alluring mystery. It's fun to assume the sassy stripper wears high heels while vacuuming and doesn't own sweatpants, but these are real people -- and though they deal in dirty, it's time for the Lusty Ladies to reveal their 'clean' secrets. 

The Lusty Lady is a unionized peep show establishment featuring a play pen packed with foxy bodies and a show that all sorts of loins love to watch from behind glass. The Lusties make it hard to think about anything other than sex, but for today, let's leave the dancing, self-stroking, and teasing for the stage.

But these are well-rounded, independent women, replete with a full dancecard of squeaky-clean hobbies and pastimes. You want sexy? Try fresh brewed tea, or a cathartic yoga session. Rawr!


Bottoms' up in the kitchen


Sandy Bottoms

Sandy Bottoms has been working at the Lusty for a year and a half and loves being surrounded by the cast of intelligent babes who prove that the sex industry can indeed provide legitimate work. She started off as the "surfer-California beach girl" but eventually found herself playing a younger role, complete with braces. 

SFBG: What's your clean secret?

Sandy Bottoms: When I'm not dancing naked on stage I can usually be found in my apron baking. I'm so obsessed with cupcakes I've even wrangled a sweetie into making me a cupcake dress. 


SFBG: When do you most like to do it? 

SB: I like to make treats for my fellow Lusties, family, and friends whenever I can, really. Decadent boob-shaped cakes have made their way to birthday events, baby blue meringue cookies to transition parties, and indulgent vegan gluten-free cupcakes to Lusty PRIDE bake sales. 


SFBG: Where do like it? 

SB: My kitchen. 


SFBG: Why does it make you feel good? 

SB: I suppose in part baking fulfills a 1950s housewife fantasy that doesn't integrate with or show through other parts of my character. I like to be productive when I'm relaxing and I never let the green grass grow under my high heels. 


Cinnamon's late night creations



It's been nearly five years since Cinnamon debuted at the Lusty and she just completed her year-long term as Lead Madam in February. She likes stripping because it's fun, different, and unionized -- and her "pretty awesome juicy booty" demands attention. 

SFBG: What is your clean secret? 

C: I love to paint. I love to paint, sculpt, costume design (as seen above), sew, and get down and dirty with a good art project. Not that exciting, but it’s what I love. I even went to an art high school in Oakland.


SFBG: When do you most like to do it? 

C: In the morning, afternoon, evening. Sometimes even late at night, I wake up at 2 a.m. and want to paint or draw. 


SFBG: Why does it make you feel good?

C: Painting helps me sort my thoughts and I don’t feel so overwhelmed. I feel relaxed when I paint. I love getting really into a project and getting messy and covered in paint and other materials. I also don’t just stop with paint when I’m really into a project. I usually use anything I can get my hands on, from sand to coffee filters. 


SFBG: When do you feel most proud about it?

C: When I finally finish a project! Which is hardly ever. I also feel pretty happy when I start a really good new project with something I’ve never tried before. But more than anything I love it when someone comes over to visit and says “That picture is awesome, where’d you get it?”


Bijou shows off her flexibility


Bijou. Photo by

A love of dancing and an appreciation of the Lusty community has kept Bijou on the stage for three years. She doesn't pre-plan a routine per se, but she's known to have cat moves, or at least a very feline-like presence. 

SFBG: What is your clean secret? 

B: I absolutely love and do A LOT of yoga.


SFBG: Why does it make you feel good? 

B: I can literally enter another space while I'm practicing, and my body always feels immediately energized after a class or home practice.


SFBG: Where did you learn such a thing? 

B: Studios all over the country and I informally trained every single day during a year in Bangkok, Thailand.


SFBG: When did you feel most proud of it? 

B: When I just let go and cry during my practice. It sounds funny but that usually means I've really, truly connected with my body.


Harlow Valentine brews it hot and wet


Harlow Valentine

As a co-owner of the Lusty, Harlow Valentine loves exploring hot scenarios with lots of strangers and sharing the attention with intelligent and sexy women. She especially likes to show her "booty" to curious peepers. 

SFBG: What is your clean secret?

HV: I love to drink tea.


SFBG: Where do like it? 

HV: In the kitchen, at a cafe, in bed.


SFBG: Why does it make you feel good?

HV: It's soothing, it's warm, it's delicious and sometimes has a fantastic color!


SFBG: When did you feel most proud of it?

HV: When I hear pleasing sighs escape from the lips of someone who's just sipped my freshly brewed tea...though perhaps that's because, in general, I enjoy hearing people sigh from pleasure!

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