Hot sexy events June 29-July 5

Madison Young invites you to own your MILFdom Fri/1

Love the mommy bloggers. Such a feel good moment when a harried parent gets to sit down and share (even electronically, even through a screen) just what they've been feeling about their day with the kids. Y'know, how to talk to a youngster about adoption, wise words from grandma, the best new G-spot stimulator.

Oh yes, there's a new kind of mommy in town. Or at least, pervy parents are finally getting their due. Dirty mommies now have their very own local blog, and meet-up.

To compliment personal online screeds that are already being penned by Shar Rednour of How Good Sex Made Me a Great Mom, of the example above, and sex toy shop mommies Moms In Babeland, Madison Young organized Sexy Mamas Social Club (she's also held workshops on motherhood and sexuality at Good Vibes, and ate breast milk icecream as performance art this year). It's open to moms in the sex trade, moms who have sex on screen, moms in alternative sexuality communities, and moms who support all of the above. The group meets for brunch at one in the afternoon on Fridays, which is another reason to like it. 


Sex With Emily livecast

Today, Emily Morse told me all about the new semen cookbook (there's something weird in the air about cooking with cum). She's got this squeaky little voice, she's broadcasts outta San Francisco, she has very little qualms about talking about her decidedly heterosexual, but fairly entertaining love life. And she's there for you everyday so that you can snicker through the afternoon, especially when your boss asks you what you're listening to and you say “making Jello shots with male ejaculate.” Now I wish that would happen. 

Monday-Friday 1-2 p.m.

Go-Go Studs night

There's nothing worse than being in the middle of a good grind and looking up to see the scantily clad go-gos with looks of boredom on their Adonis-like faces. Well hell, how hard do you have to work it to get a rise out of them? KOK feels your pain, so they've assembled a line-up of faces so fresh they've had no time to weary of your (adorable) flailing. Sexxy.

Fri/1 11:30 p.m.-1 a.m., $2 after 11 p.m.


1225 Folsom, SF

Sexy Mama's Social Club

Because sexy thangs shouldn't be barred from having kids – or from continuing to be hella sexy. New mamí Madison Young has apparently organized a get-together for mommas from the sex industry. Be you a sex worker, a sex writer, polyamorous, an adult film actress, or just supportive, roll through this brunch (the group's third) to be part of a new old girl's club. 

Fri/11-4 p.m.

Email Madison Young at for details 


In addition to hosting a frequently-updated site of HIV/AIDS research news, Project Inform throws a good party. We think – Powerhouse's Nasty will now go to benefit the HIV/AIDS advocacy organization, which is promising for many reasons. The party's raised over $30,000 for the AIDS Emergency Fund in the past, and it's kind of your dirty, dirty duty to make sure that it gets off (ha) on the right food with Project Inform. All for charity! 

Fri/1 10 p.m.-1 a.m., $5


1347 Folsom, SF

Pyro Passion with Stefanos and Chey

Why wait til the Fourth for the fireworks? Rumor has it this power couple of SF BDSM learned their fireplay skills in a sub-zero Minnesota dungeon – that's one way to figure out how to be sensual with flame, but getting taught by the experts, with super hot models, in one of the city's best-known dungeons – you've upped them on comfort factor, at least. Learn skills in tools, safety, and the psychology of properly lighting your lover aflame.

Thurs/30 8-10 p.m., $20

SF Citadel

1277 Mission, SF

(415) 626-2746 


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