Social media is for lovers: TheIceBreak brings couples to the web


Even when you meet someone online, most people would agree that the reward is eventually being able to interact with that human in real life, face to face, parts to parts. So why then is TheIceBreak getting already established couples to turn back to their computers and join the Facebook-style network designed for lovers? The answer is communication. We're all obsessed with typing, texting, and virtually sharing our feelings with our friends and family, so why not chat and share mushy-sexy-sweet-secrets with our partners over the Interwebs?

TheIceBreak is a month-old SF start-up aimed at helping couples dig deeper into their relationship on three levels: understanding, affection, and excitement. Users can participate in fun, flirty stuff like Seventeen-style "icebreaker" questions and post photos or comments to their significant other's private wall. You can win points for playing along and posting bits and bobs. The game aspect could be a good way to brainwash your partner into signing up, but even if they refuse, people without a significant other on the site can still take part solo and send their lovesick posts through email. 

TheIceBreak also has an analytical component, regularily posting charts and data for couples to not only track their own relationship stats, but compare them against the relationships of others -- healthy in moderation, we guess. Among the site's recent findings was the disappointing notion that San Franciscans may be less satisfied with their sex lives than those living in Mountain View, Palo Alto, and a host of other seemingly non-sexy cities. Maybe we need to lower our expectations.


SF can't get no satisfaction, according to TheIceBreak's findings

Most of the questions and challenges currently up on the site are pretty tame and sweet, but TheIceBreak founders Christina A. Brodbeck and Dwipal Desai both agree there's a whole lot of potential in sexual content. A popular icebreaker in the past month: "What piece of clothing do you find sexiest on your partner?" Answering questions about types of play, fantasies, BDSM, orgasm-inducers, and tricks could be super fun, especially while you're killing time on the BART or avoiding work, and a fresh way for partners to be honest about bedroom needs and wants. Regardless of how sexy the questions will be, Brodbeck is firm about making sure these questions aim to tie partners together.

"Yes these are conversations you should be having face to face, but sometimes it's difficult to think of some of these questions off the top of your head. This is just our way of pushing you to initially answer and discuss those questions," Brodbeck says.

In the next couple of weeks the site will be available in app form and will make sharing while apart that much easier. While it still seems a little unnesessary that people would need so many options to poke and post pictures of puppies and hearts on their beau's social media profiles, we've all blocked (or at least made fun of) the friends on Facebook who get into this kinda thing; those who irritatingly go overboard with updating the Internets about their "perfect" relationship and can't seem to detach long enough to get a profile photo of just themselves...ever.

Social media PDA = puke. Get a room, lovebirds... or just sign up with TheIceBreak.

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