SFBG ass towels -- as featured in the New York Times -- take to the streets (NSFW)


It was an idea whose time had come. In response to Scott Weiner's proposal that all of San Francisco's nudes had to place something under their rear when sitting in public, we published the official SFBG Butt Guardian in the paper last week (tagline "If you go bare, put 'er there"). Last weekend being on of the more naked ones of the year in San Francisco between the Folsom Street Fair and Sat/24's Castro Nude-In, we took hand-silkscreened versions of these beloved ass towels to the streets.

And the nudes loved them. And so did the Chronicle (despite its earlier ragefests against the nudes in question). And hell, so did the New York Times. Baxter the cat, even, seemed pleased with his brand new ass towel. By the time Saturday afternoon rolled around, Weiner himself was calling to reserve a towel of his own. 

Missed the assouvenir wave? No worries, friend. Print out the pdf version here.