Hot sexy events: March 9-14

Saint Sandra, protectress of women who keep their cool in the face of haters.

I have been trying my very hardest to ignore the various fascist blowhards currently preening themselves through the Republican primary season. Let them twerk the dialogue so far that it is entirely subsumed by their draconian views on social issues – yes, it's bruising our souls to hear them tackle reproductive health, but in an era of our country's history when soaring unemployment rates look to be our new normal, every breath conservatives spend on their outdated ideas of sexuality takes them one vote away from ever taking the White House. 

But the Sandra Fluke-Rush Limbaugh debacle is hitting a little close to home. The Georgetown University graduate was called a slut, a “feminazi,” and a host of other demeaning terms by the talk radio blowhard. Slut-shaming, as this op-ed in the LA Times is quick to point out, being the oldest trick in the let's-discredit-women book. Her crime? Testifying before Congress about how her friend treats her ovarian cyst condition by taking birth control pills. 

Perhaps even more disenhartening has been the various media responses attacking the actual content of Fluke's speech. Wear condoms instead of using spendy contraception methods! Make the men pay for half of your prescriptions! But the issue of latex allergies aside, when used correctly, the pill has a far smaller failure rate than condoms, and hello? When should you bring up the subject of your date paying for your pills, technically that'd be a before-you-have-sex talk, right? Idiots!

We'll see what comes of all this – maybe the feminism movement will be able to surf the wave of outrage into some exciting new realm of sex-positivity. Somebody even got President Obama to say something supportive; he compared Fluke to his daughters, and hoped some day they'd be following her lead into civic engagement. 

When will some red-faced white guy suggest I make a sex tap, if I like talking about sex so much? It's easy to feel a little scared, an injury to one being an injury to all and all that. But it's also easy to feel plain pissed off, and ready to strike back. I'm not going to get on the radio and start talking adultery, pill-popping, and general irrelevance in the post-Victorian era – but I am going to share with you all the crazy, proudly slutty stuff happening in the Bay Area this week. This ones for you, Sandra! (And you, Rush.)

Good Vibrations 35th anniversary party at Bootie

It's come a long way in 35, but Good Vibes is still championing accessible sex toys sold with a side of intimacy education. Celebrate your first vibrator (you bought it here, right?) at this special edition of mashup dance party Bootie, with special guest DJ Robin Skouteris from Greece, and a performance by live music burlesqueteer Trixie Carr. 

Sat/10 9 p.m.-after hours, $10 before 10 p.m.-$20 afterwards. 

DNA Lounge

375 Harrison, SF


Some Thing Young

It won't be the first time that this drag weekly has ventured into untoward territory, and surely it won't be the last. Host VivvyAnne Forevermore has assembled a crack team for this month's "young" theme -- rest assured that there will be nubile young shiny things out looking for their daddy tonight. 

Fri/9 10 p.m.-4 a.m., $7

The Stud

399 Ninth St., SF

Facebook: Some Thing


Sex workers' writing workshop

Writer-native San Franciscan-sex worker Gina de Vries can really bust out the lines (we should know, she used to have a weekly column at the Guardian about sex issues) -- so if you're looking to get seamy with the printed word, she's not a bad woman to turn to. De Vries digs on helping sex workers recount their experiences, and providing a space where they can share triumphs and tribulations in a constructive, celebratory way. 

Sat/10 2 p.m., $10-$20 sliding scale

Center for Sex and Culture

1349 Mission, SF


"Watching Porn With Integrity" 10-week workshop

It's indeed possible for people who identify as men to watch porn and maintain their feminist affliation. So says Zachary Schlosser, who will be gathering up anyone who is interested in the topic for this 10-week workshop. Will you watch porn? Yes. Will you talk about porn? Yes. Will you be doing more than building up a spank bank? Absolutely. 

Every Sunday Sun/11-June 3 7 p.m., $100-$150 sliding scale


Center for Sex and Culture

1349 Mission, SF


Bawdy Storytelling: Experience Junkie 

"Sometimes sex is a continuation of the love and trust two people develop over a period of time - and sometimes, it's the product of being part of a scene that's too freaky to pass up." Sometimes, the Facebook event description is really all you need. Attend this monthly perverts' show-and-tell for tales of diddling one's stepbrother and double-teams in the back of a cop car.  

Wed/14 7 p.m.-10:30 p.m., $12-$15

Verdi Club

2424 Mariposa, SF


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