Hot sexy events: March 22-29

This week you can try out for a live smut show, or stay in the audience for a talk on Japanese sex culture (Thu/22).

Perhaps you caught Soojin Chang's review of the first month's edition of Cum and Glitter (my god, the trolls from SFGate sure did!), the Mission's new alt-queer live sex show that had Ava Solanos squirting, yes squirting, the to thrums of a cello perched mere feet away from her audience-spritzing climax. Yes! Well even if you didn't, you will note from that description that C&G is the classiest thing that an experienced exhibitionist could be possibly be involved in, in the city these days. And so it is with pleasure that we announce that the show is currently holding auditions. Will you don baby bloomers and molest your babysitter onstage? Sexy ribbon-dance? Those were actually last month's ideas, babe, but we know you can think of something great. Now, the week's sex events from lectures to slutty cigar parties.

"Pink Japan: Contemporary Sex Culture"

An expert in Japanese bondage (in fact, she wrote the first English language book on shibari), sex worker Midori brings a unique perspective on the sexual mores and more!s of that particular island nation. Come to her presentation today on her voyages in the East -- if you come early you can check out her collection of dirty mags and other goodies from her trips. 

Thu/22 7:30 p.m., $10-$30

Center for Sex and Culture

1349 Mission, SF

The League

Here's a great reason to start volunteering at town's premier pansexual playspace: cheese, chocolate, cigars, cabaret music, and sexy time with all the dappers and dandies of the Mission Control community. Live tunes provided by This Can't End Well, hotness provided by you. 

Thu/22 8 p.m.-midnight, only open to Mission Control allies, volunteers, and crew

Mission Control

Sacred Grounds: A kinky sexuality munch

Remember when Wicked Grounds shut down? Yeah, we'd rather forget that time too. But SF's best-and-only kink coffeeshop has been re-opened long enough to get back into the swing of things, and we're excited to see that it's hosting its standard line-up of pervy-perfect community happenings. Come tonight to talk O with other om-ers -- kinky sexuality takes the conversational stage at this meet-and-greet (typically used to hunt down future play partners, lucky you.)

Sun/25 7 p.m.-9:30 p.m., free

Wicked Grounds

289 Eighth St., SF

(415) 503-0405

"Sex, Race, and Class: The Perspective of Winning"

Author Selma James has a sexy theory and it is this: capitalism is a ware waged against human life -- life that is driven by reproduction. (Small wonder that the Republicans want to take the fun out of sex.) Learn all about it on this stop of her book tour, which is happily timed to coincide with Shaping SF public lecture series. She'll bring with her Andaiye, the founder of the Guyana's Red Thread movement for female financial autonomy and community connectedness. 

Wed/28 7:30 p.m., free


1310 Mission, SF

(415) 626-2060

"Girl Talk": A trans and cis woman dialouge

Could be hard to hear, could be heart-warming, will probably be both, this spoken word event has sold out to the gills online, and with good reason. Gina de Vries, Elena Rose, and Julia Serano have crafted an evening of performances that will center around the theme of sisterhood between trans and cis-gendered women. They're hoping it will be the jumping-off point for a dialouge that really doesn't get enough play in the queer community (or anywhere, for that matter). 

Thu/29 7-10 p.m., $12-$20 (sold-out on line, but limited standing room-only tickets remain)

LGBT Community Center

1800 Market, SF

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