Hot sexy events: March 28-April 2


This is the thing, is that pastel is not supposed to be sexy and it's definitely not supposed to be San Francisco.

But here it is, and nowhere is it more apparent than in this week's lineup of sex events. It's not just Mission Control's pajama bash, but also the parade of parties that will be hitting the decks throughout the next seven days. Actually, maybe it's just Sat/31 that's putting forth the highest wattage of lightly-hued light. The 15th anniversary of the Lex? Well sure, it's hardly pastel in everyone's favorite dykve bar, but best believe that the world of the Lexington churns based on the wattage that pink provides. And the Clitoris Celebration at La Pena Cultural Center? Rosy shades of powerful. So don't worry if your dye job's starting to look a little tie-dye-red -- just tell 'em you're in My Little Pony land and they'll understand. Hey, maybe even take you home.

In Burning, In Bashing Back, In Blooming

Alexander Alvina Chamberland is a SF native gone Swede -- but though they've toured their spoken word performance piece all about Europe (try Berlin, London, Stockholm, Manchester, Göteborg, Malmö, Lund, Amsterdam, Copehagen, Norberg, and Uppsala, and don't ask me what country the last one of those is in) eventually one always must return home. So let's give the queer performer a big attending-your-soul-baring hug, because In Burning deals in two of the most personal topics there are: sexual assault and gender identity. Plus, Chamberland is an emotive whiz. See the clip of an early performance of a scene from the show for proof: 

Thu/29 7:30pm-9:30pm, $5-$15 sliding scale, no one turned away for lack of funds

Center for Sex and Culture

1349 Mission, SF


Love Triangle pajama party

No one's going to tell you to stay on your side of the pillow tonight -- just make sure you dress your frilly, fierce best because Mission Control's playspace is all about polyamory permission tonight. Dress code is sleepwear, sweetie, and don't forget your bedfellow. The buddy system won't be enforced at the door of the event, but you'll need a pal for getting into any of the fun zones. 

Sat/31 9pm-3am, $20 Mission Control and Love Triangle members only

Mission Control


Lexington Club 15th anniversary party

Sayeth Marke B. in this week's Super Ego nightlife column: Time flies when you're a flaming hot lesbian! Can it be 15 years already since the proudly dive-y Lex threw open its doors to the gorgeously rough-and-tumble dykes of the Mission and their humble admirers (like yours truly)? Oh hell yes. Congratulate owner Lila and crew on keeping one of the few lesbars in homocity open, with filthy music, smokin' go-gos, kinky quinceanera shenanigans, and lipstick-obliterating drink specials.

Sat/31, 9pm, free

Lexington Club

3464 19th St., SF


Clitoris Celebration

Not enough lip service is paid to the hood beneath your hood, no? Perhaps it we don't celebrate it appropriately -- which is why this benefit for Global Women Intact, the grassroots nonprofit that raises awareness about African female genital mutilation is so important. An evening of music from the mother continent has been planned, so go to support our right to keep that oh-so-important swatch at the forefront of our lives. 

Sat/31 8pm, $15/$20 

La Peña Cultural Center

3150 Shattuck, Berk.

(510) 849-2568


Sinclair Sexsmith author reading

Mr. Sexsmith has recently edited two tomes of stories to get you in trouble -- Best Lesbian Erotica 2012 and Say Please: A Lesbian Erotica Anthology. She'll be reading from the latter today, so if you need a nice little treat for this weekend's hookup, you can drop by Good Vibes to get a copy sexily signed by its author herself. 

Sun/1 5pm-6pm, free

Good Vibrations

1620 Polk, SF

(415) 345-0400

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