Hot sexy events: Library sexcapades and the new kind of bang

It's never too late to unleash the best strip club ad of 2012.

We were beyond impressed when we we heard about Cal sex columnist Nadia Cho's rocket to Internet notoriety via her account of pre-Thanksgiving, calorie-killing library sex that through the vagaries of virality somehow begat an animated version by a Taiwanese news station (where is this link!?!) SFist reports that the UC Berkeley librarian was less than stoked at the prospect of cleaning up ejaculate, which we totally hear -- but we still have to applaud the nonchalance with which Cho has dealt with the business, because judging from the latest Chron report she hasn't let the trolls get her down like, even an iota. 

Another bold and beautiful Bay babe is that no more --'s beloved and best-selling Princess Donna Dolore has flown the coop to Los Angeles to get famous and make moves. Look, she's got a gift shop now! This probs won't look as good on me as it does on Skin Diamond, but it's still on my Xmas list, FYI... 

Fear not, though, Princess is still making tons of new Kink material. She's actually started a brand new sub-site, Hard Core Gang Bangs. How is Hard Core different from her previous site, Bound Gang Bangs?

"I decided early on with Bound Gang Bangs that the most exciting part of the shoot was that no bondage was needed to make the girl helpless," Dolore wrote to us in response to our query. "And that it was actually more exciting to watch them try and escape -- but fail everytime because they are outnumbered and overpowered. Hard Core Gang Bang focuses on that."

Thrill of the chase, y'all.

Also, they are making two Honey Boo Boo porn parodies. Good luck with the world's end! 

Carnal Carnival

Between the end of #mayans trending and the holidays there's no way that you're not going out tonight, but you can start your evening with a little, non-required sexy fun. The Exiles BDSM educational group is holding one of its kinky sampler events -- today you'll get a chance to cheer one your sex-positive compatriots in a vibrator race (no word on what this entails), have your tarot cards read, and as always dip your toes in a variety of BDSM activities in the carnival's friendly booths. Attendance is open to those female-identified pervs, and all those who do not identify as male.

Fri/21, 7:30pm. Women's Building, 3543 18th St., SF.

XXXmas Eve White Elephant Soiree

Give thanks for another lusty year with your sex-positive community -- today's gathering involves a white elephant gift exchange, so wrap up a (new -- or at least, very clean) pair of nipple clamps and head on over. This is also an excellent opportunity for a night viewing of the Center's new Grace Alley Mural Project, a celebration of our city's sexy scene. There's a few days left to chip in to the muralmakers' efforts, by the way, do it in the name of one of your loved ones and bam! Another tick off the list of people to shop for. 


Sun/23, 4-8pm, donations accepted. Center for Sex and Culture, 1349 Mission, SF.

Gold Club $5 lunch buffet

This weekday wonder of our city is hardly new, but as we swerve into the thick of holiday season, it strikes us that spending Christmas Day eating fried chicken (or plentiful vegetarian side dishes), and watching bouncing boobs is just exactly what is needed for this frozen December 2012. 

In other news, has there ever been a more perfect graphic? We suggest making it your Facebook cover photo, and fast: 

Mondays-Fridays, 11:30am-2pm, $5 cover. Gold Club, 650 Howard, SF.

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