Hot sexy events: Getting (a?)head in the boardroom

I'll need those on my desk tomorrow.

I've been reading Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg's new book Lean In recently, which despite its rather class-specific advice and observations is a really great look at why we don't have enough women in power positions. (Hint, sexism.)

Sandberg is great on suggesting ways to circumvent the internalized patriarchy that we carry around with us, but a workshop that is taking place this evening (Wed/20) hosted by BDSM educators Society of Janus and instructor Beatrice Stonebanks takes another tack. In "Corporate Dominatrix Training 101," attendees will learn how to harness sexual tension and turn it to an advantage in officeplace dealings.

Controversial? Sure! Rest assured that it is not the only happening that'll raise eyebrows this week. Here's the next several days in sex events. Now give me a raise. 

"Corporate Dominatrix Training 101: How to Use Sex and Power to Increase Sales"

Do you lack the iron will to succeed in your current work environment? Let the Society of Janus (one of this town's go-tos when it comes to BDSM education) teach you how to become a office dominatrix. Truly -- this class focuses on the power of sex when it comes to the boardroom. Setting ground rules, negotiating, and how to do it all without compromises your professional stature will be cover in this one-off course. 

Wed/20, 8-10pm, $20. Women's Building, 3543 18th St., SF.

Bawdy Storytelling Slam

Another chance to be a pervy storytelling legend this week, as the open mic version of Bawdy Storytelling returns. This week's theme is "Under the Influence," and you will certainly be drunk off happiness if you best the field to take a spot in the Bawdy Slam finals happening later this year. 

Thu/21, 8pm, $10. Cafe Royale, 800 Post, SF.

"Puss 'n' Boots II"

Erotic photographer Michael Rosen wrote to tell us that two of his "best photographs" are in this group show. He's joined by a host of other artists, though we can't vouch that they are quite as good as Rosen at working with a hard-on (a skill that he told Amber Schadewald in a 2011 Guardian profile he has mastered.)

Through April 20. Opening reception: Sat/23, 7-11pm, free. Amelia Hyde Gallery, 521 Sixth St., SF.

"Art of Jacks"

San Francisco's most venerable all-male jack-off club is celebrated at this art opening, which gathers works inspired by the quick wrists and open hearts of the 30-year old group.

Through March 31. Opening reception Sun/24, 2-7pm, free. Center for Sex and Culture, 1349 Mission, SF.

"How Hookup Apps Change Us More Than We Know"

For those who use them, hookup apps like Grindr have changed sex in seismic ways. Jaime Woo wrote one of the first books inspecting the phenomenon, Meet Grindr: How One App Changed the Way We Connect, and he'll be expounding on his findings at today's talk. Dick pic slideshow not included, presumably.

Tue/26, 8-9pm, free. LGBT Center, 1800 Market, SF.

Suicide Girls: Hard Girls, Soft Light signing

With 2403 models on seven continents, four movies under their belt, and now the publication of their third coffeetable book, the Suicide Girls have become a cultural force to be reckoned with. Pretty girls, rad ink, hot hair dye, what's not to like. This week they come to town to sign that third glossy tome, and will be partying at one of the Mission's favorite dive bars afterwards. Try not to drool. (And read my interview in this week's paper with SG founder Missy Suicide.)

Tue/26, 7pm, free. Mission: Comics and Art, 3520 20th St., Suite B, SF. (415) 695-1545,; Afterparty 9pm, free. Bender's, 806 South Van Ness, SF.

How I Came Out

Charlie Ballard may have made his mark as a local stand-up comedian, but this night of performance will go deeper than "didja ever notice when?" Guest stars -- including Joshua "Peaches Christ" Grannell share their coming-out story on stage.

Tue/26, 8pm, $10. 1772 Market, SF.

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