Standing on streetcorners naked, and this week's sexy events

Hit up The Hookup for more views like this Thu/4.

Memories of a taxi driver desperately trying to flag Courtney Trouble into his cab popped up unexpectedly today upon hearing the BBW queer pornographer discuss how the Madonna-inspired Guardian cover shoot last year for my story following her and the rest of the queer porn clique down to Las Vegas for the AVN Awards has now inspired a movie of its own.

“Why is this so revolutionary?" said Trouble on the latest edition of Siouxsie Q's online "Whorecast" of her feelings during the moments she spent fake-hailing a ride in the nude in the middle of the Castro on a sunny afternoon. "I am a normal person, why do I feel like a unicorn?”

The experience, and Trouble's subsequent trip to Canada's Feminist Porn Awards, led her to create the recently-released flick Lesbian Curves, which gathers curvy queer femmes for scenes that XCritic's Rob Perez says are "the reason why I review porn," giving the film a five-star rating“I was born to make fat porn," Trouble told Siouxsie Q in the same podcast. 

Shout-out to ex-Guardian art director Mirissa Neff for coordinating that pretty much revolutionary shoot (which, ahem, would be illegal now, which only increases the appeal of sequel as far as we're concerned), photog Molly DeCoudreaux for getting her shots way too quickly, and the Guardian for putting full frontal vag in an alt weekly newspaper with a 65,000 circulation count.

On a related note, let's applaud sex worker-activist Siouxsie Q for her semantic resourcefulness -- after Ira Glass and his contingent kicked up a fuss about her podcast "This American Whore"'s possible copyright infrigement, she handily changed the name to reflect sex work and astrology. We like it almost as much, but still Glass, you're on notice. 

Any way, sex events this week: 

The Hookup

DJ Jenna Riot tells me that her new free party at Beauty Bar is gonna be the spot for lesbo antics, so check it out for that, Riot's dance-ready Top 40 hip-hop steez, and her ability to werk a red lip. This is the photo she sent me to illustrate the party, which backs up her assertion in the event's invite: "SLUTTY DRESSCODE ENCOURAGED."

Photo by Iris Lena Triska

Thu/4, 10pm-2am, free. Beauty Bar, 2299 Mission, SF. Facebook event

Beginner's dungeon class

The BDSM scene, of course, has its mores and code of conduct just like any social milieu. To avoid looking like an ass, attend this primer, put on by EduKink, which teaches scene etiquette, dress code pointers, and more. 

Thu/4, 7:30-10:30pm, $10-20. Citadel, 181 Eddy, SF.

"Sex and Your Cellphone"

Logo TV hosts Conner Habib and Chris Donaghue continue the conversation that Jaime Woo, author of Meet Grindr, kicked up a couple weeks ago at the LGBT Center. It's no surprise that these events are coming fast and furious, given the amount of SF loving that is arranged via our trusty iPhones. 

Sat/6, 5-7pm, $5-15 donation suggested. Center for Sex and Culture, 1349 Mission, SF.

Vagina Monologues 

This production of Eve Ensler's new classic play that gives voice to women's genitalia through a serious of sad, frustrating, rage-filled, and/or hilarious one-woman speeches benefits Community United Against Violence, an SF nonprofit that empowers the queer community to make our neighborhoods safe for everyone. 

April 10-11, 8pm, $12-15. The New Parish, 579 18th St., Oakl.,

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