Hot sexy events: Pride-perfect gear

Inadvisable to start your Pride season without a new Hitachi, says GameLink.

Deep in the bowels of Stevenson Street, there lies a company that could. Could surf the waves of an ever-changing Internet, could accurately predict media consumption trends, could start the tech tsunami engulfing the Mid-Market neighborhood. GameLink could do it -- and as in so many cases, porn was the vehicle to this success. Read more about my recent trip to the company's HQ in this week's print edition of the good 'ol Bay Guardian, and read on for VP of Business Development Jeff Dillon's top sex toy picks for Pride season. (Because what better way to spend your Hump Day than shopping for lube from your cubicle?)

I tell you that I think that Dillon knows his stuff, which is an impression I get from an exchange we had in the GameLink offices. Let me relate it to you in the form of a screenplay, for maxim

Jeff Dillon hands Caitlin Donohue business card. She notices that his nickname, Dillonaire, is printed on it

SFBG: Dillonaire?

JD: Where do you know me from?

SFBG: Your business card?

JD: Oh, it's just that I'm... around. 

Okay? I dunno where you'll be around by the end of the month, but follow these links to GameLink/Dillionaire's top Pride-time picks for: festively packaged lubeace starter kit for analpenis pumpmale enhancement sludge (this column does not necessarily endorse efficacy of these things, by the way), CLASSIC vibrational good timesprostate TLCvibrating buttholesGameboy-looking vibrator controllercockrings for all

I'm blushing (how even?) anyway, your to-do's for the week:



Progressive porn idea woman Annie Sprinkle and her partner and UC Santa Cruz professor Beth Stephens have turned their love of the earth into this ecosexual, interactive performance piece.

Thu/13-Sun/16 and June 20-23, 8pm, $12–$25. Center for Sex and Culture, 1349 Mission, SF.

"Yoga For Sex"

Cramped muscles and closed energy flow are huge bummers, but especially when they put a damper on your bedroom activities. star and author Dylan Ryan leads the way to better sex and heightened orgasms through yoga in this workshop at the BDSM porn studio's historic Mission porn castle.

Fri/14, 7-9pm, $35. SF Armory, 1800 Mission, SF.


Fashionable freaks get their looks all sweaty amid the teeming crowd of daddies at this monthly party, featuring the prodigious hosting/DJing talents of Juanita More, Walter Gomez, and Sidekick. This week pays homage to the ass -- er, pork butt.

Sat/15, 9pm-2am, $5. Powerhouse, 1347 Folsom, SF.; Facebook event

"Getting What You Want From Your Dominant"

Being a good submissive =/= losing yourself completely. This class teaches subs how to stay clear and present so that they can meet not only the needs of their dominant partner, but their own. Can I just add here that I attended a class in the Polk Street Good Vibes store last night, and the fact that they hold them in the back room that doubles as a historic vibrator museum means that even if/when your fellow workshop attendees get lost on an interesting-to-them personal spiel, there's enough eye candy on the walls that you can stay entertained during the digression.

Mon/17, 6:30-8:30pm, $20–$25. Good Vibrations, 1620 Polk, SF.

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