Best of the Bay 2011: BEST AEROSOL ROOTS


It's easy to forget, with the advent of sleekly produced, four-story street art extravaganzas, that graffiti used to be the strictly illegal pursuit of brave-crazy iconoclasts hustling around with backpacks full of signed FedEx stickers and cans of Krylon. But thanks to the self-described "lizard people" behind Endless Canvas, the art of the throw up is still being honored. The Bay Area street-art blog is updated daily with the kinds of pieces that'll never star in a Warholian post — from ground tags to the bubble letters of WIRE, to the small wheat paste gems of Bella Ciao's roses and Esu's proud female faces. The site's documentation dedication is testament to the real glory of street art: reasserting our right to be seen in a world that prefers blank walls.