Best of the Bay 2011: BEST CAKE-TASTROPHES


"I just want to make people read my evil shit," gleefully wicked Bay Area meta-baker and blogger Shannon O'Malley of Apocalypse Cakes told us last year. "Fatalistic gluttons!" Branch Davidian Texas Pecan Pie, Seismic Haitian Mudcake; Bird Flu Feather Cake, "Inexplicable" Blackbird Pie, Global Jihad Date Cake, even Gay Wedding Cake (there's bondage involved) — O'Malley's hilarious, conceptual "recipes for the End" play up our primal fascination with food and disaster while tweaking the foodie propensity for perky cultural appropriation. Now her End Times creations have been collected into an Apocalypse Cakes book, so you can unplug, retreat to your mountain survival hut, and indulge your millennial cravings, enraptured.

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