In the third season of Dexter, top cop Maria has two bonding experiences with women that are consummated with two words: "ganache frosting." Ganache — that rich, delicious, thick, delicious, dense, delicious mix of chocolate and cream — is the base element of Boulette Larder's singular cup of Eastern European-style hot chocolate. All day long, Boulette's attentive chefs keep a pan of molten ganache simmering in anticipation of its hot chocolate fans. The result is hot chocolate so thick you almost need a spoon, and so satisfying you can omit that dollop of cream. But an almost-colloidal scoop of liquid nirvana doesn't come cheap: it'll cost your $5 to go and $6 to stay. Still, that's way cheaper than booking a flight to Prague. Now we know how Maria felt.

1 Ferry Building No. 48, SF. (415) 399-1155.

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