Best of the Bay 2011: BEST KARAOKE PROUSTIAN


The continued karaoke tyranny of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" induces revulsion on the order of Barney's theme song. Now one fine man, maverick karaoke DJ Roger Niner, has taken a stand for all of us against the song's monopoly. The wildly costumed, wildly fun Niner levies a $5 tax for its use, and uses the extra cash to buy more songs for his collection. Niner can usually be found at the Parlor near Fisherman's Wharf on Wednesdays, San Mateo's Swingin' Door on Thursdays and Fridays, and SoMa's Butter on Sundays. Ever the intellect, his website quotes Marcel Proust: "Detest bad music but do not despise it. As it is played, and especially sung, much more passionately than good music, it has much more than the latter been impregnated, little by little, with man's tears."