Best of the Bay 2011: BEST RING OF SUCCESS


Jewelry — it can be scary! We don't mean the fun ornamental kind of jewelry, like Celtic nipple rings or jade idol earrings or purple pentagram pendants (although those can be scary too). No, we're referring to real jewelry — like the fancy traditional kind you'd better get right or Bridezilla/o is gonna 'splode and slap you silly with a rolled-up copy of Country Weddings magazine. How will you know how to score the perfect engagement ring, or wedding band, or anniversary bracelet, or birthday watch? Don't fret. The enormously helpful and nice folks of Just Bands will help you with everything, from sizing and color to design and polish. Their showroom in the labyrinthine San Francisco Gift Center sparkles not just with diamonds and silver, but with the smiles of satisfied lovers whose romance wasn't tarnished by stressful transactions.

888 Brannan, Suite 151, SF. (415) 626-2318