Best of the Bay 2011: BEST SAX 'N' SUDS


Who doesn't like a little Miles with their rinse, a little Bird when they scrub, or some sweet, sweet flights of Mingus while they watch the tumble-dry? If your washing life seems culturally impoverished, then put a little Louis in your laundry at the Fillmore District's Jazz Wash. Piped in scat, bebop, swing, and jazz standards help lift spirits while the state-of-the-art washers help lift stains. This little Laundromat has free Wi-Fi and a friendly, responsive owner who likes to mingle. The "midweek special" is a true deal: on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, it's only $1.50 for a 30-pound wash. Perks other than joint's squeaky cleanliness and squeaky saxiness? We've run into a few hottie jazz aficionados here who've made us quite Dizzy Gillespie.

1119 Fillmore, SF. (415) 238-5791

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