Best of the Bay 2011: BEST TITILLATING T.M.I.


Try as we might to hold to prudish societal lines, there's simply nothing like telling a Really. Dirty. Story. (To a receptive group of friends.) Rejoice in your sluttiness, people! That's the franchise line that Bawdy Storytelling creator Dixie De La Tour touts. Started as a recurring post-swinger's night "kaffeeklatcsh for pervs," around her kitchen table, De La Tour has grown Bawdy into a public, monthly, multicity storytelling event for kinksters and exhibitionists. Each edition has its own theme (polygamy, public sex, and SF-specific tales have all had their moments of glory); a cast of performers ranging from writers to pro pussy-petters; an occasional Grope-A-Clown box for intermission entertainment; and always, Dixie — to shout encouraging innuendos when the occasion arises.