Best of the Bay 2012: BEST ARTS HIGH NOTE


Whether it's the free yoga classes, creative summer art camp, or Saturday afternoon alfresco concerts, the Bayview Opera House's offerings are as vibrant and active as they were when the building was built in 1888 (maybe more so? The Guardian wasn't around back then). The historic landmark community center supports the still-diverse neighborhood of Bayview-Hunters Point, hosting awesome fundraisers like Black Men Can Cook and Mendell Plaza Presents, a 12-week concert series that transforms a little triangle of pavement into a full-on dance floor featuring local neighborhood musicians — not to mention domino tables and BBQ — alongside a community garden filled with vibrant veggies. Kids from the 100% College Prep Club make up much of the musical talent. Here's to 125 more amazing years.

4705 Third St., SF. (415) 824-0386,


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