Best of the Bay 2012: BEST BAIT BLOG



The deep-sea-ded truth of fisherman Kirk Lombard's angling blog the Monkeyface News is that you need never have hoisted a rod to partake in its charms. Lombard's tales of shad runs and striped bass population numbers are interspersed with musings about German disco quartet Boney M., and complaints regarding weekday sobriety. Aiming to learn how to poke pole the blog's titular monkeyface eels from a hands-on video, or find out whether you can use a jig to catch a rockfish? Find out here — or on Lombard's almost-just-as-good tour site, Kirk Lombard's Sea Forager. An ex-Department of Fish and Game surveyor, Lombard preaches sustainable fishing practices in his fishing seminars — which have included an urban fishing-foraging series conducted through Forage SF. Newbie eel hunters, you've come to the right place.