Best of the Bay 2012: BEST BRIGHT-EYED BREAD GUY



Here's how Vermont-bred Josey Baker launched Josey Baker Bread: he walked into Mission Pie and asked (sweetly) if he might borrow some oven space. The neighborhood bake shop obliged, and to no one's surprise (the alluring qualities of handsome men and fresh-baked bread being what they are) Baker's business took off, delighting subscribers to his poppy, walnut, and black pepper parmesan loaves — delivered weekly to your door! — and walk-in customers alike. On some days he has even given away bread on a by-donation basis; we've seen it. Now he's set to open his own bakery in partnership with Four Barrel on Divisadero. His fans may be excited by swirling rumors of a toast bar, but for us it would be enough to just see that smile again. He may not be oblivious to his own charms; his website recommends that you write him a love letter. Josey, does this count?

736 Divisadero, SF.


MY GOD! i would have to say that YES, this does indeed count as a love letter, and i am blushing like a mofo. i am so damn flattered, i don't really know what to do... might have to give you some freakin toast, how about that?!?! or perhaps a love letter back is in order??? stay on your toes, it might just come when you least expect it.
<3 josey

Posted by bright eyed bread guy himself on Jul. 30, 2012 @ 12:29 pm