Best of the Bay 2012: BEST CAN-ARCHY



When it comes to the latest trends in pickling, canning, jarring, putting up, putting by, or just plain preserving, we've got a dirty little secret: everything we know about Mason jar-ology comes from the amazing Punk Domestics. Food and travel blogger Sean Timberlake, with support from his husband Paul Brown and terrier Reese, took inspiration from canning expert and former Guardian writer Karen Solomon — particularly a review of one of her books that mentioned the "punk domesticity of the hipster DIY movement" — to launch a content aggregation site for can-atics of everything dried, cured, or otherwise preserved. It's jam-packed with links to community-posted articles with helpful hints and innovative techniques from around the Web, plus heads-ups on events, giveaways, recipes, and book releases. Ever wonder about micro-farming, curing meats, making cheese, or pickling duck eggs? No need to keep a lid on it when the Punk Domestics are in the house.