Best of the Bay 2012: BEST PAWS ACROSS AMERICA



Never heard of Pawesome? Sorry — your computer-bound hours are about to take another nosedive in productivity. Don't wag your hyperactive point-and-clicker at us: it's for a good cause! Local besties Sonia Zjawinski and Sarah Han started the website (now bi-coastal — hey Brooklyn) out of a sheer, possibly manic affection for all things furred and feathered. A brief trip down the front page might reveal a compilation of parakeet-on-skateboard clips, a portrait of a bar kitty, or an automated laser pet toy — but will also cover serious matters, such as the story of a new shelter or a breaking animal rescue from across the country. The site also puts a focus on healthy animal feed and products, so feel redeemed patronizing its pixels — even if you came looking for that video of the doggie and guinea pig kissing.