Best of the Bay 2012: BEST PRAYER FOR UNITY



A sanctuary that offers religion to some and is open to all, St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church genuinely lives by JC's should-be truism, "there are no outcasts and all are welcome." Volunteers from the church's congregation manage the Cyprian's Arc community center, which opens its doors wide as a music venue and meeting space for neighbors of every age, belief system, and background. Local activists, like those from the sustainability-driven Wigg Party, organize workshops and events within the St. Cyprian's public areas. And the 89-year-old church's efforts at community building, such as a recent oral history project, remind Panhandle neighbors that even — perhaps especially — in a rapidly changing community, they are connected at the roots of the 'hood.

2097 Turk, SF. (415) 567-1855,