Best of the Bay 2012: BEST SIX-WAY STIMULANT



We said it when this hot spot opened in 2010, and we'll say it again: the coffee preparation at Ma'velous ranks among the best you'll find anywhere. Coffee geeks are stoked that here you can have your coffee prepared six different ways, via Chemex extraction, Kyoto slow-drip, Siphon machine, French press, Hario V60 drip, or Ma'velous's own unique espresso machine. Owner Phillip Ma rotates bean selections from around the world: roasters include Verve, Intelligentsia, and Norway's Tim Wendelboe. Another uniquely Ma'velous feature is the cafe's artistic eco-design by Adeeni Design Group: retro-modern reclaimed furniture, sophisticated graffiti from street artist Eddie Colla, and pressed tin ceilings. Bonus points for remaining a WiFi-free respite where the menu of supreme espressos — paired with a good book — makes the coffee ritual a luxurious experience rather than a utilitarian necessity.

1408 Market, SF. (415) 626-8884