Best of the Bay 2012: BEST TUDOR TIMEWARP



Eschew the 13-hour flight and bloody horrible exchange rate: access ye olde England in less than 30 minutes with a car ride over the Golden Gate Bridge. Nestled between Muir Beach and its nearby redwood rings is the whitewashed Pelican Inn. Visit for its cozy pub, which hosts a long list of mostly European brews — or perhaps you hanker for its traditional English fare, with greens harvested from the neighboring Zen Center and served in a dining room of dark wood illuminated by candlelight. Can't get enough of the countryside castle vibe? Stay the night. The eco-conscious can earn their fish 'n' chips the car-free way — spend a few hours hiking across the Coastal Trail from bus-accessible Tennessee Valley and you'll never need to gas up.

10 Pacific Way, Muir Beach. (415) 383-6000,