Best of the Bay 2013: BEST BOOMBOX AFFAIR


The spirit of the underground is still alive in Larry Gonello Jr.'s world. The ace renegade soulful house and techno DJ was everywhere this year — from official street festival to not-so-official one, from licensed afterhours loft party to extralegal sunrise beach rave — joining in the fabulous mobile soundsystem tradition pioneered by great tricyclist Amandeep Jawa's speaker-wired Trikeasaurus Rex, Monkeylectric's Off-Grid Party Trailer, or anyone whose strapped an old transistor radio onto a bike during critical mass and rocked the freak out to Michael Jackson. Gonello's Boombox Affair, though, usually went one better: wiring together an array of large, vintage, insanely covetable boom boxes to form a wall of sound at his pop-up dance parties. Adding a couple innocuous bass bins, he creates a DIY soundsystem that looks cool as hell while moves the crowd. "Sick" is the word usually uttered by first-time viewers. But by the time that overused yet totally appropriate word is swallowed up by beats, they're already dancing.