Best of the Bay 2013: BEST NORTH BEACH FRY BOMB


Oh, the end of a long night in North Beach. There you are, mercifully relieved of your singles after oh-so-lovely times watching the ladies of the Penthouse Club clack their mega-heels all up and down the two-story stripper poles. You're satiated in the "make it rain" department ... but damn, are you hungry. Enter Taqueria Zorro's Zorro burrito, there to stuff your belly and slash "satisfied" across your chest. What's in the Zorro, you ask? Well, all the same things you've come to expect from a burrito, except instead of using traditional rice and beans they stuff the burrito with French fries. This so-called "California burrito" version, supposedly hailing from San Diego in the '80s is all the carb-filled rage these days — GQ even claimed last month that it would soon replace the ramenburger (see above) in hip factor. And yeah, you can spot it soaking through menus across the Mission. But Zorro got there first and left its greasy, irresistible mark.

308 Columbus, SF. (415) 392-1299,


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