One game has the player land on a purple planet and get asked out on a date by a giant sea monster. Another has you shimmy a bumble-bee's booty in the right sequence to win. Some of the games touch serious subjects like coming out for the first time, or dealing with poverty. And you can make one, too! The games on DIY text-based gaming platform Twine are wild and varied, but they're always first person narratives. Remember "Choose Your Own Adventure" books? It's kind of like that. Birthed three years ago by Chris Klimas, Twine really took off in the past year after being trumpeted by Anna Anthropy, a game designer known for "Dys4ia," which chronicled her start in hormone replacement therapy. That's the beauty of Twine: it's a format suited to telling very personal stories in an interactive way. You don't need to know any programming at all to make a free Twine game — it's all text, so you just need to know how to write. And the games that result are presented as web pages containing a maze of hyperlinks: a pretty good metaphor for life.