Best of the Bay 2013: BEST POW WOW PUNK CHEF


You may see Rocky Yazzie at the best live venues around town doing one of two things. Either he's rocking coveralls and slinging authentic Native American fry bread, or banging it out with his self-described "pow wow punk" band, Sweat Lodge. Either way, you'll be glad to have stumbled into his special Rocky bubble. A few words on his Rocky's Fry Bread snacks, perhaps the better known of the two projects. The New Mexico native and member of the Diné tribe makes deliciously deep-fried taco-like handheld meals, stuffed with beans and fresh veggies (there are non-veg versions as well), behind his own pop-up stand. There's something about that fry bread that just perfectly soaks up all the boozing without landing like a log in your tummy. As the friendly slinger once explained it to Scoutmob, "I love life and it shows in the food."