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Mystery Mister – Haight Street's wild child

Owners and veterans of the local vintage scene, Rochelle Baker and Graciela Ronconi, have stocked their curiosity shop full of clothing, jewelry, and antiques that channel the eccentric vibe of a 1920s bohemian speakeasy or a Victorian parlor.Read more »

Weezy, take notes

Calling Lil Wayne -- events by Virgie Tovar, Bianca Starr, and Retrofit Republic make Bay fashion pop this week


STREET SEEN Bianca Starr has not only owned a club (222 Club), boutique (eponymous), and soon-to-be clothing brand (same) in these foggy blocks — she also grew up in San Francisco and now raises and, presumably, dresses two brilliant little boys here. So after our photoshoot in advance of her locally made Wed/7 Style From Within fashion show, I ask her what Bay Area style means to her. She doesn't have a lot to say about color palette, designer influences, or silhouettes.Read more »

Cosmetic changes

Looking for a cruelty-free fall look? Swagger Cosmetics' got that shade


STREET SEEN "Oh, now there's someone taking a picture of us," says Swagger Cosmetics founder Blake Karamazov, gesturing at a paparazzi who is snapping away through the cafe's plate glass window. No shade, shutterbug — drag visions being interviewed while eating vegan Asian pear pie at 2:30pm deserve a capture or 10. (But c'mon, next time ask first.)Read more »

Girl on wall

Badassery abounds at Los Muros Hablan, where Sofia Maldonado teaches her brand of Puerto Rican feminist street art


STREET SEEN Welcome welcome, friends, to my new column. You'll wanna check back here for Bay Area style — clothes, weed, art, sex, y'know. But this week, international women's studies: a Puerto Rican street artist on domestic violence, in her home town.

It may have been the moment of my recent trip to check out San Juan's first street art festival.Read more »

CELLSpace becomes Inner Mission

New owners will expand its offerings with a focus on sustainability


For the last 17 years, CELLspace has been a hub for unique cultural, artistic, and community events in the heart of the Mission. The bad news is that CELLspace is losing its lease, but the good news is it's being taken over by creative, resourceful people from its community who plan maintain and expand its mission.

In the process, CELLspace is undergoing a renovation and, beginning in early December, getting a new name: Inner Mission. Read more »

'Sup, Boo?

Witch house to-dos, Samhain celebrations, zombie flicks, scary clowns, more: Your master list of Halloween 2012 tricks and treats


SF Stories: Mattilda Sycamore Bernstein

Learning how to dream


San Francisco was where I first learned to gasp and grasp at the possibilities of radical queer self-invention and communal care. This was 1992. I was 19: childhood meant suffocation, college was pointless shit. All around me, people were dying of AIDS and drug addiction and suicide, but finally I was finding other queer incest survivors, whores, vegans, runaways, anarchists, dropouts, drug addicts, sluts, activists and freaks trying not to disappear. Read more »

SF Stories: Alejandro Murguia

16th & Valencia



46TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL I saw Jack Micheline reciting Skinny Dynamite

on the corner of 16th & Valencia

and he was angry

and the next day he was dead on the last BART train to Concord

and maybe that’s why he was angry

I met Harold Norse shuffling around in a beaten world

his pockets stuffed with poems only hipsters read

It’s a cesspool out here he sighed

before retreating to his room in the Albion Hotel

where angels honeycomb the walls with dreams

and the rent is paid with angry poemsRead more »

SF Stories: Zahir Janmohamed

From here to Palestine


46TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL Of the many things I adore about San Francisco, one of them is that the word "Palestine" is not treated like Voldermort's name, the one that dare not be uttered. You can say you are Palestinian here and no one will freak out. San Franciscans, most of them at least, will not tell you — as Newt Gringrich did — that your culture is invented, or that your identity (or your struggle) is not a valued part of the tapestry of this city.Read more »

SF Stories: Michelle Tea

Antisocial behavior


46TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL When I was about 21, living with my parents outside Boston, I started making zines. I sent my first one, Bitch Queen, to Maximum Rock 'n' Roll, and it wound up getting reviewed in MRR's Queer Zine Explosion issue. I hadn't even known there was a queer zine explosion happening, but my little P.O. box was soon stuffed with zines from zinesters wanting to trade issues, and with enough dollar bills that I could cross the street to the mall and get lunch. Read more »