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SF Stories: Benjamin Bac Sierra

Puro San Francisco



Puro San Fran: These words have inspired me to somewhere beyond my city and to someone beyond myself. Puro San Fran, I have howled into our smashed streets, into the lush jungles of Okinawa, death deserts of Saudi Arabia, the overly intellectual classrooms at U.C. Berkeley — into barrios worldwide.

Puro San Fran can be literally translated into Pure San Francisco, but what exactly is so pure about this Golden Gated city is the subject for this musing.Read more »

SF Stories: John Ross



46TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL Coming out of the underground

On the BART escalator,

The Mission sky

Is washed by Autumn,

The old men and their garbage bags

Are clustered in the battered plaza

We once named for Cesar Augusto Sandino.

Behind me down below

In the throat of the Earth

A rough bracero sings

Of his comings and goings

In a voice as ronco y dulce

As the mountains of Michoacan and Jalisco

For the white zombies

Careening downtown

To the dot coms.Read more »

SF Stories: Tiny

A party without my friends


46TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL I have a Vision..(Too!)

of poor people-led revolutions and clan mothers wit solutions including the many colored, many spirited, humble people who still remain in San Francisco even though we are systematically incarcerated, profiled, shot or just hated Used by akkkademic institutions, Nonprofiteering, complex over-funded government collusions — From gang ijunctions to sit-lie laws —

Arresting poor folks of color for no just cause

From Ambassador security guards to Stop ' n' Frisk-Read more »

Happy hunting

Just admit it: you're obsessed with 'House Hunters'


TV Stainless steel appliances. Hardwood floors. Walk-in closets. The House Hunters drinking game, which lovingly mocks the HGTV program's predictability, will have even a seasoned lush drunk before the first commercial break. "But there's nowhere for my man cave!" DRINK.Read more »

Medical marijuana is over

... and so is this cannabis column.


HERBWISE Hey potheads, welcome to what figures to be the last Herbwise column for the time being.Read more »

Panther medicine

An original member of the Black Panther connects the dots between marijuana access and justice


HERBWISE The night before our interview, Elder Freeman spoke alongside Peace and Freedom Party presidential candidate (and beloved sitcom sassmouth) Roseanne Barr, 2008 Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney, and others about the political possibilities of marijuana at a panel discussion held inside Oaksterdam University.Read more »

Street art we love, now

From the Womens Building to a hamburger apocalypse, walls to look for 


In celebration of the Barry McGee retrospective at Berkeley Art Museum (see our review in this week's paper), here's a list of some of our favorite spots for street art in the Bay AreaRead more »

The real McGee

As street artist Twist, he launched a thousand spray cans. But who does Barry McGee's gallery art inspire?


STREET ART Gone are the days when Barry McGee, or Twist, or Ray Fong, or whatever alias he happened to be painting under at the time, stalked the San Francisco streets throwing up 3-D screws, Clarion Alley stunners, and his much-admired tags. Nowadays, he exhibits in big-deal gallery shows, like his mid-career retrospective that opened to much fanfare at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive on August 24.Read more »

Roseanne vs. mind control

Everyone's favorite sitcom queen may have been high when she decided to run for president -- and she's not apologizing for it


HERBWISE A world in which everyone waits with bated breath for you to turn the bitch on must be an odd one to live in. But such is — presidential candidate — Roseanne Barr's world, so I am equal parts thrilled and terrified when she reprimands me for going off subject with a question about how she takes her cannabis.Read more »