Immigrant rights - in Arizona and at home

As with SB 1070 in Arizona, the policy of requiring juvenile probation officers to report young people to ICE before they receive due process has opened the door to racial profiling and torn many innocent youth from their families

By Angela Chan

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Pension reform: don't blame workers

It's all the rage these days to blame the economy's woes on public workers, whatever the facts are, no matter who the culprit really is



By Larry Bradshaw and Roxanne Sanchez

OPINION Members of Service Employees International Union Local 1021, who make up about half of all San Francisco city employees — the lowest-paid half — are currently at the negotiating table with the Mayor's Office working out a deal to give back $100 million toward the city's deficit over the next two years. Last year our members gave back $48 million.Read more »

Housing relief - for tenants

When the real estate bubble burst, tenants saw their jobs disappear and incomes drop - but rents remained at record high levels

OPINION Since the burst of the housing bubble, we've seen a lot of attention paid to the plight of homeowners hit hard by the recession and facing foreclosure. Indeed, President Obama recently enacted a protection for homeowners that requires banks to let unemployed homeowners delay their mortgage payments. But until now there has been little talk and even less action on how we can help tenants who are also in danger of losing their homes. Read more »

What do you get for your tax dollars?

To receive the same level of benefits as Europeans, most Americans fork out a ton of money in out-of-pocket payments, in addition to our taxes

By Steven Hill

OPINION Most Americans seem to regard April 15 — the day income tax returns are due — as a recurring tragedy akin to a biblical plague. Europe frequently plays the punching bag role during these moments because there is a perception that the poor Europeans are overtaxed serfs.

But a closer look reveals that this is a myth that prevents Americans from understanding the vast shortcomings of our own system. Read more »

Marin County's water grab

Marin Municipal Water District is already the largest energy user in Marin. A desalination plant would increase its energy use from 40 percent to as high as 300 percent

By Joan Bennett

OPINION In August 2009, the Marin Municipal Water District's elected board of directors conducted a public hearing to hear and discuss comments on a proposed $432.8 million desalination plant that would be built near the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. Despite overwhelming public opposition, the board unanimously approved the proposal. The stated reason: the dire need for a reliable water supply.

There is no truth to MMWD's rationale.

This is not just a Marin County issue. The plant would have major impacts on the bay. Read more »

Revenue for all

It's time for an unapologetic progressive taxation movement for this November's ballot and beyond, to make the city's great wealth - individual and corporate, often badly undertaxed - work for all San Franciscans

OPINION Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut: this is the sound of your government — parks, schools, playgrounds, hospitals, clinics, public transportation, programs for youth and seniors, arts, social services, the whole fabric that makes San Francisco what it is — fading away as state and local politicians refuse to raise revenue to revitalize our economy. Read more »

Our Endorsements: For DCCC


The Democratic County Central Committee isn't the most high-profile elected agency in San Francisco, but it's really important. The committee sets policy for the local Democratic Party — and that includes endorsements. The people who control the committee control a slate card that goes out to every registered Democrat in the city, and that's a vast majority of the voters. DCCC endorsements, carrying the imprimatur of the party, have a significant impact on local elections, particularly in district supervisor races.Read more »

Radio: It's about local, dammit

What's really wrong with talk radio isn't the imbalance between right and left - it's local vs. national, live vs. syndicated

By Johnny Angel Wendell

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The commons and commoners

Perhaps the most un-San Franciscan of all Chief Gascon's initiatives is his demand for an ordinance that would literally criminalize the very act of sitting or lying on certain public sidewalks at certain times

By Ben Rosenfeld

OPINION This is a call out to creative, fun-loving San Franciscans: the mayor, the police chief, and their downtown cronies have declared war on our grassroots arts culture, and they are coming for your actual and conceptual space next. The future they promise is manifest in their many recent attacks on public and private gatherings, and their efforts to wrest the commons from the commoners. Read more »

Why Muni is in such trouble

The Municipal Transportation Agency has not had a management and performance audit since 1996. How is it that an $800 million operation can go for 14 years without that type of evaluation?

OPINION The Municipal Transportation Agency's Web site states a goal of providing a "convenient, reliable, accessible, and safe transit system that meets the needs of all transit users" in San Francisco. I have a feeling that if you ask most Muni riders, few would use those words ("convenient," "reliable," "safe," "meeting the needs of all transit users") to describe Muni today. Read more »