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Broken bodies, broken lives

Lax rideshare regulations put drivers, passengers, and pedestrians at risk


Motorists driving for rideshare companies have struck and also killed pedestrians in San Francisco, even since state regulations were adopted to make these new transportation businesses safer and more accountable to the public.

Four months after the new rules were created, lawsuits from these incidents reveal that the new regulations contain gaping holes that continue to place passengers, pedestrians, and even drivers at risk.Read more »


Driest year in California history sparks arid memories and previews the warmer world we're creating


I remember the dead lawns, 90-second timed showers, empty fountains and pools, and water cops issuing tickets for washing one's dirty car. "If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down," went the toilet edict they taught us in school. Water was too precious to just wantonly flush away.Read more »

SFMTA approves tech shuttle plan


The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Board of Directors approved a pilot program Jan. 21 that allows operators of private commuter shuttles to use public bus stops, something they've been doing illegally for years on a very predictable basis.Read more »

"Tale of two Davids" elevates Campos


David Campos presented "a tale of two Davids" Jan. 23 in his first debate with David Chiu in their race to replace Assemblymember Tom Ammiano in AD17, contrasting his solid progressive record against Chiu's more pragmatic approach. Chiu reinforced the narrative by repeatedly touting his "effectiveness" and record at City Hall.Read more »

Tenant battle brewing

Housing activists and local politicians push parallel reform agendas


Benito Santiago, 63, was born and raised in San Francisco. But now that he's received an eviction notice from the apartment he's lived in since 1977, he isn't sure what the future holds.

"This is roots for me," Santiago told us. "I have more affinity for San Francisco than the Philippines," his family's place of origin.Read more »

Positive starts

GOOD TECH ISSUE Toward a more holistic integration of technology into Bay Area life


GOOD TECH Like Tabasco sauce, Lady Gaga, and the color teal, technology in itself is neither good nor bad — it's all in how you use it. (Indeed, you could argue that those first three examples are technological feats in their own right: Just don't use too much, please!) And while battles rightly rage about how the Bay Area's tech industry is reweaving our social fabric, creating and applying technology is an art in itself, albeit one that can have huge economic and political impact.Read more »

Judging hackers

GOOD TECH ISSUE: Social Good Hackathon wants nerds, Luddites...and even the Guardian


The Bay Guardian is happy to announce a partnership with BeMyApp, CloudCamp, Hewlett Packard, and Intel in launching a hackathon for societal benefit. I will be one of the judges of their CloudCamp Social Good Hackathon the weekend of Jan. 24.Read more »

By the people

GOOD TECH ISSUE: Opening government with tech has possibilities and pitfalls


A growing number of people seem to be convinced that "civic innovation" is sexy.

Tech-oriented events at San Francisco City Hall, like hackathons for improving government services, have become increasingly common. App developers are gaga over the idea of revolutionizing government through software, and the concept is gaining momentum.Read more »

Death and Facebook

GOOD TECH ISSUE: Social media can play an important role during tragedies


My appreciation for Facebook had been waning in recent years. Although I still use it almost every day — mostly as a storehouse for digital photos and events listings or as a procrastination tool — I was becoming turned off by its increasing commercialization and ubiquity.Read more »

Hey whistleblowers

GOOD TECH ISSUE: We want your leaks!


The San Francisco Bay Guardian newsroom is tapping some high-tech tools to continue its journalistic mission.

Working in partnership with a group of technologists who dislike government corruption just as much as we do, we're launching a new web-based system to enable sources to anonymously submit documents directly to our news staff.

The system offers better safeguards for protecting sources' identities than conventional email can offer.Read more »