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The Guardian Iraq War casualty report (3/5/07)

20 Iraqi civilians killed

20 Iraqi civilians killed when a car bomb exploded in a historical book market in Baghdad today, according to the New York Times.

98,000: Killed since 3/03


57,805 – 63,573: Killed since 1/03

For a week by week assessment of significant incidents and trends in Iraqi civilian casualties, go to A Week in Iraq by Lily Hamourtziadou. Read more »

The Guardian Iraq War casualty report (2/27/07)

8 Iraqi civilians killed today. Reports of the death 18 young boys refuted by U.S. military

Casualties in Iraq

Iraqi civilians:

8 Iraqi civilians killed today in the bombing of a commercial street. Iraq’s Interior Ministry reported 18 young boys killed in the car bombing of a soccer field today despite contradictory reports from the U.S. military, according to CNN. Read more »

Sour milk


Dear Andrea:

I'm still breast-feeding my third baby, and my libido is completely gone. I don't even think about sex. My ob-gyn seemed to think it's related to breast-feeding. That was months ago, and I still feel the same. I feel bad for my husband. I know he is starting to take it personally.


Shut-Down Mom

Dear Mom:

I have to admit I've been letting your question sit here in my "good question!" file for months. Read more »

Men are not men

Avatars, in fact, don't reflect social norms at all.

TECHSPLOITATION A couple weeks ago I gave a presentation at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science about how journalists often misreport the results of gender research because they have a lot of preconceived notions about men and women. Most of these notions come from popular culture, and since journalists are in the pop culture biz, none of this should be a big surprise.

Still, sometimes a story is so egregiously reported — and based on such flimsy research — that it takes my breath away. Read more »

Sorta, maybe an alcoholic

Is the well-connected Delancey Street merely helping Gavin fine-tune his future?

To read about Delancey's finances, click here.

What exactly is Gavin Newsom doing at Delancey Street?

It's not counseling, we're told. It's not rehab. It's not detox. It's not a typical course of treatment at the storied $20 million nonprofit. So what is it beyond a reprieve from the otherwise ugly headlines?

Newsom isn't talking much about his program. Read more »

The Wild, Wild West

Pelosi's legacy: private business at the Presidio may be exempt from all state and local labor laws

As a production assistant for a visual effects studio, Robert Seeley had a job at the Orphanage that was nuts and bolts for the movie industry — handling paperwork, overseeing schedules, arranging deliveries, and making sure folks were fed, clients were happy, and many of the million little logistics for a film project were coordinated.

His days began with an hour-long commute from Pleasant Hill to the Presidio, where the Orphanage is based. Mornings started around 9, and the typical workday ran about 10 hours. Read more »

Law enforcement's real battles

Precious resources should be focused on addressing violence, gun crime, and major white-collar crime

OPINION In order to be smart on crime, law enforcement needs to make important choices about where to focus our resources. Unfortunately, the Bush administration has been making poor choices, and those choices are hitting home in San Francisco.

Recently, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has conducted raids in San Francisco and around the Bay Area, rounding up immigrants at their jobs and schools, in some instances with ICE agents announcing themselves as police. Read more »

Fix early warning for cops

A good early-warning system can prevent police violence and abuse

EDITORIAL The San Francisco Police Commission has finally approved a long-overdue plan to monitor problem cops — but the Police Officers Association managed to get it watered down to the point where it won't be terribly effective. Read more »

Editor's Notes

Light rail trains and state Senate campaigns

It's funny: the transcontinental railroad was born in San Francisco, and it transformed California. But the West Coast has pretty much lost the train thing. You want to go from here to Los Angeles, there are pretty much two choices: you can fly or you can drive. In theory, you can ride Amtrak, and I've done it, but it doesn't run very often and takes about 12 hours. Fun, if you like that sort of thing, but not at all practical.

But on an early Sunday morning last week, I was traveling from Washington, DC, to Philadelphia, and between 8 a.m. Read more »

Newsom needs to come clean

The cover up is almost always worse than the crime

EDITORIAL It's no surprise that Mayor Gavin Newsom doesn't want to answer any more questions about his affair with Ruby Rippey-Tourk. The polls suggest that most of the voters have either forgiven him or never really cared in the first place, so it's in his interest to move on and try to keep this from becoming a campaign issue.

And if it were just about sex, that would be fine with us too.

But from the start this sordid episode had some bad elements that are every bit a matter of public interest. Read more »