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Antiwar protest events

This weekend's Iraq War protest events



Remembering Rachel Corrie

At this third annual memorial, celebrate the life of Rachel Corrie, a 23-year-old International Solidarity Movement volunteer who was killed by an Israeli soldier while nonviolently resisting the demolition of a Palestinian home in the Gaza Strip.

7 p.m., $10–$20 suggested donation

Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts

1428 Alice, Oakl.

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Escautf8g the antiwar movement

On the fourth anniversary of the Iraq War, peace activists are going beyond San Francisco and into Middle America

It was four years ago this March 19 that the United States invaded Iraq, triggering massive street protests in San Francisco and a widely criticized military occupation that has become one of the longest in US history.

The war has proved to be as bloody and shortsighted as its opponents always claimed it would be. More than 3,100 American soldiers have been killed, as have as many as hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, with little hope of the violence abating anytime soon, despite President George W. Bush's recent deployment of 21,500 more troops. Read more »

Web trenz!


TECHSPLOITATION It's the time of year when we celebrate new ideas and fresh memes on the Interwebs. For some reason, March is the month for all the big Webbish conferences, such as South by Southwest Interactive and O'Reilly's Emerging Technology shindig in San Diego. Strange new Web apps are announced; venture capital is hurled forcefully at people who wear hoodies over button-down shirts; everybody does freaky shit with their cell phones. Read more »

What's the matter with the De Young?

Is the museum operating in good faith?

All around the world, popular museums are situated in public parks with wonderful results for both the museums and the parks.

But here in San Francisco, the venerable de Young Museum is waging an intense and irrational battle to prevent more San Francisco families and visitors from enjoying Golden Gate Park — even at the expense of its own reputation and financial well-being. Read more »

The corporation that ate San Francisco

Lennar's failures at Hunters Point Shipyard highlight the risk of putting the Bay Area's prime real estate into the hands of profit-driven developers

For the past decade, Florida-based megadeveloper Lennar Corp. Read more »

Home invasion

A flood of calls to City Hall prompts a special meeting on security and conditions in San Francisco's public housing tracts

Don Barsuglia worried security was deteriorating at the SoMa public housing complex where he's lived for about eight years after he watched a body drop past his ninth-floor balcony window late one evening.

A would-be thief had climbed over the 10th-floor balcony during an escape attempt after stealing a few thousand dollars from another resident in Clementina Towers, located close to Sixth Street between Howard and Folsom. Read more »

Ending the road-closure stalemate

The mayor is willing to discard his own evidence, break his word, and ignore the obvious facts

EDITORIAL There's really only one way to look at Mayor Gavin Newsom's response to Saturday road closures in Golden Gate Park: the fix has been in from the start. The mayor is willing to discard his own evidence, break his word, ignore the obvious facts, and damage his environmental credentials — but he won't risk offending the rich society swells who run the de Young museum.

It's been 40 years since the city began shutting down a stretch of JFK Drive to cars on Sundays, and by any account it's one of the most popular regular programs in the city. Read more »

Editor's Notes

Behind the Leno smear

I am not taking sides yet in the Carole Migden–Mark Leno race; the election is still a blessed 14 months away. But I think that at this point I can stake out a clear position against calling one of the candidates a "kiddie porn king."

I wish this were a joke, but it's not. Read more »

A downtown tax for free buses

Muni could be subsidized by the latest boom

EDITORIAL Free Muni is a great idea. It's an even better — and more realistic — idea if the mayor is willing to support a tax on downtown office buildings to pay for it.

That's what Mayor Gavin Newsom needs to be talking about — and if he doesn't, the supervisors need to push the idea.

We've been calling for free Muni since at least 1993, when we ran a cover story explaining how the idea would work. Read more »

The Guardian Iraq War casualty report (3/12/07)

31 Iraqi civilians killed bringing this week’s toll for Shiite religious pilgrims to 220.

Casualties in Iraq

Iraqi civilians:

31 Iraqi civilians were killed yesterday as a part of the violence targeting Shiite religious pilgrims, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. This week’s toll for Shiite religious pilgrims is 220.


98,000: Killed since 3/03


58,598 – 64,405: Killed since 1/03

For a week by week assessment of significant incidents and trends in Iraqi civilian casualties, go to A Week in Iraq by Lily Hamourtziadou. Read more »