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Happiness science

TECHSPLOITATION I took a five-question happiness quiz, and it turns out I'm very satisfied but not overly so. If I start feeling down, the quiz advised, I should look inside myself for answers.
No, I wasn't reading Cosmopolitan or The quiz was part of a study by happiness researcher Ed Diener, a psychology professor at the University of Illinois.
Over the past couple of years, happiness has come into vogue as an object of study. Read more »

Bumpy ride

Dear Andrea:
I'm a 50-year-old male. I've been married for 23 years and have two grown kids. The problem is my wife. She has never needed or been interested in sex. I have tried everything — books, videos, even suggesting counseling. She says no, there's no problem. Our wedding night was a disaster. Is there any hope for me? What can I do?
High and Dry
Dear Dry:
File for divorce or pray for a painless, early death. I just don't see another way out for you, sorry.
That was flip and a little cruel, and I do apologize but only sort of. Read more »

The next police chief


EDITORIAL Heather Fong is not a popular police chief these days. Nine of the 11 supervisors just rejected her proposal for staffing foot patrols and insisted on one of their own — with some of the supes openly saying they had no faith in her management of the department. Read more »

49ers aren't worth public money


EDITORIAL The prospect of the San Francisco 49ers moving to Santa Clara — and taking with them any hope of a 2016 Olympic bid for San Francisco — caught the Newsom administration off guard and has much of City Hall scrambling to figure out a way to keep the fabled sports franchise in San Francisco. Read more »


It sucks to be in jail. Trust me on this.
I've never been in a state prison, but I've done my time — in small stretches — in county, mostly for political protests, and while it all seemed so noble ahead of time and may sound noble in retrospect, when I was there it wasn't anything except really shitty.
I was a white guy locked up for nonviolent crimes that even the authorities didn't take too seriously and never had to stay for more than 10 days. I was never in a high-security unit or stuck with really hardcore criminals. Read more »

Guilty of independent journalism


OPINION The pogrom against independent journalists who refuse to conform to corporate media definitions of what a reporter should be continues full throttle. The murder of Indymedia correspondent Brad Will on Oct. Read more »

Campus crush

SF State has ambitious expansion plans — and its neighbors aren't exactly thrilled
It's easy to forget about the Villas Parkmerced.
Nestled in the foggiest, most sedate corner of San Francisco, the 62-year-old planned community feels like a slice of suburbia for seniors and families.
"There's grass. There's trees. There's traffic circles where the cars can't speed too damn much and knock off the pedestrians," says 82-year-old Robert Pender, a tenant since 1967. Read more »

If Fong goes

It's been a terrible month for the police chief — but would the city be better off without her?
(0) If November has been a bad month for Mayor Gavin Newsom, it's been worse for his police chief, Heather Fong. The entire battle over police foot patrols has made Fong look terrible. She started off saying that the department simply couldn't afford to put more cops on the streets in high-crime areas because she didn't have the troops to do it. She and the mayor fought hard to defeat the legislation. The bill passed anyway, effectively ordering her to do what she claimed she couldn't do, and it was vetoed by Newsom. Read more »

Josh Wolf's appeal rejected

Imprisoned journalist will be stuck behind bars until June, court rules


What you can do

How to help Josh Wolf: Benefits, updates and his prison blogs

What: Free Josh Wolf!
When: Thursday, December 7th 2006, 7:30pm
Where: Balazo, 2183 Mission Street @18th, 415-255-7227

On December 7th, journalists, activists, and local leaders will come
together to call upon the United States Government to free independent
videographer and freelance journalist Josh Wolf. He is currently in
"coercive custody" at the Federal Detention Facility in Dublin, California.
He is not charged with any crime. Read more »