Booty quake: Nicky Da B's the next big thing from NOLA


"Diplo calls the bounce beat the perfect beat," said NOLA bounce DJ Rusty Lazer in our recent mid-Mardi Gras Guardian interview at his Bywater home. If you're wondering just what the world of bounce looks like, Swoon wheatpastes, drinks-to-go, street parties, and all, you can check Rusty protege Nicky Da B's new video for "Express Yourself", featuring Diplo himself and local dance queen Quack. Following in the wake of Big Freedia's nationwide success, Nicky's the next wave of bounce exuberance. (I mean, @2:00 he's dancing upside-down, jungle gym-style.) If you thought Big Freedia had azz everywhere, you should probably watch this clip. 

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