SFBG TV: Dinner with Cassava


"This place just sort of fell into our lap" says Yuka Ioroi, who opened the Richmond neighborhood's Cassava Cafe and Restaurant earlier this year with husband Kristoffer. "We always wanted to have our own restaurant, but also wanted to start small with a cafe. So we thought, why not just serve a limited-seating dinner?"With Kris's culinary knowledge, and Yuka's eye for aesthetics, this small space in the Richmond is a treat, embellished with flowers, delectable foods. It's a great space for community -- you feel right at home here.

I was lucky enough to film a recent, one-off dinner the couple put together. The footage gives you a taste of their culinary chops, and will probably make you hungry regardless of any recently-finished holiday meal.

Not in the mood for dinner? During the day the cafe offers Ritual coffee, toasted sandwiches, pastries, and dishes that showcase Kris's range of culinary talents. All ingredients either home-made or local.

Cassava Cafe and Restaurant

3519 Balboa, SF

(415) 640-8990


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