Nite Trax: Roasting SF club legend Timmy Spence


If you think you're cool (or merely interesting) -- please drop everything and watch this clubkid-packed 1981 video masterpiece by scene terror Timmy Spence. He's being shamelessly and publicly roasted on the occasion of his 60th(!) birthday this Saturday, courtesy of some might big drag queens. After the jump, Trannyshack's Heklina dishes the dirt and gives the deets.

Well, there’s a few things I thought would never happen!

First of all, I never thought we would be celebrating Timmy Spence’s 60th Birthday...if there was ever someone with nine (or more lives), it’s The Tammers. We’ve been through a lot together; thrown in jail together in Mexico, a cross country road trip where I got so mad at him we didn’t speak all the way through Texas, a near death experience while hiking in Nevada, cruising the Christopher St. Piers in drag in NYC together back when that was fun, the list goes on and on. And she’s still kicking. Even after countless trips to the hospital, she’s still here, shocking and offending everyone and really serving as an inspiration to countless young queens. Like an Auntie Mame from hell, every fiber in her body screams, live....LIVE!

Won’t you join me in honoring this queen of queens this Saturday?

Timmy Spence’s 60th Birthday Bash!

Saturday January 12- Join us as we pay tribute to this legendary drag fossil! Who would have thought she would live this long?

With your hosts Peaches Christ & Heklina, and appearances by Arturo Galster, Ethel Merman, Matthew Martin, Miss X, Laurie Bushman, Darlin', Pippi Lovestocking, D'Arcy Drollinger, Deena Davenport, Sexitude, and more! With DJ's Chicken and Dank. 

Rebel, 1760 Market St. @ Octavia. 8pm. No cover, RSVP here

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