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FALL ARTS: A new romanticism comes alive this fall, brought to you by Kisses
Love in C Minor: Jesse Kivel and girlfriend Zinzi Edmundson make up Kisses

JK Have you ever seen Catch Me If You Can? That line is in the movie, and Leonardo DiCaprio says it in this weird accent to a girl, and she loves it. There's something archaic and formal about it. There are so many things you're assuming with that line. You're assuming that a girl would eat red meat. That's a bold move in this day and age. I liked the image I got from that lyric.

SFBG The other line I have to bring up is "I thought all my friends were over me," from "Bermuda." I love how it mixes solitude and closeness.

JK That's one of the most honest lyrics on the record. I've seen this happen with me, and with Zinzi and her friends. You can be wrapped up in your life and have this insecurity about your friends being over you. After school, you are restricted by space and time from hanging out with the people you grew up with, and you wonder whether you're still important.

SFBG Disco producers such as Alec Costanidos and Gino Soccio are mentioned in relation to Kisses. How does Constanidos figure in your music?

JK I've known Alec my entire life. My mom's best friend is married to Alec, and I remember going to his studio when I was little and dancing around to MC Hammer. I never cared about what he made — in the '90s, disco was something cheesy and irrelevant.

I revisited Alec after listening to more contemporary artists revive disco in a way that I thought was exciting — people like Lindstrom and Glass Candy and Chromatics. I was trying to figure out my voice in dance music. Songs like Cerrone's "Supernature" and "Love in C Minor," which Alec wrote with him, really inspired the style and feeling of Kisses. There are pop elements to them — even though they're long-playing, with tons of repetition, they have great hooks.

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