Take this to the polls! Our Clean Slate easy guide for SF’s March 2024 election

Barbara Lee for Senate, Working Families Slate for DCCC, YES on Prop A and D, NO on Props C, E, and F.

A rally for the progressive slate for the DCCC. Photo by Ebbe Roe Yovino-Smith

You can find our full endorsements here. Vote!

US Senate: Barbara Lee

Superior Court Judge Seat 1: Michael Isaku Begart

Superior Court Judge Seat 13: Patrick Thompson

State Assembly, District 17: No endorsement

State Assembly, District 19: No endorsement

State Senate: No endorsement

Democratic County Central Committee:

Assembly District 17:

Peter Gallotta
Kristin Hardy
John Avalos
Jeremy Lee
Vick Chung
Patrick Bell
Gloria Berry
Adolfo Velasquez
Michael Nguyen
Sydney Simpson
Joshua Rudy Ochoa
Sal Rosselli
Jane Kim
Anita Martinez

Assembly District 19:

Natalie Gee
Greg Hardeman
Frances Hsieh
Leah LaCroix
Connie Chan
Queena Chen
Sandra Lee Fewer
Mano Raju
Hene Kelley
Gordon Mar

Proposition 1: Mental health services
Yes, with reservations

Proposition A: Affordable Housing Bond

Proposition B: Police Staffing

Proposition C: Transfer tax exemption

Proposition D: Ethics laws

Proposition E: Police procedures

Proposition F: Drug testing welfare recipients

Proposition G: Algebra for eighth graders